Lamptron HM070 Flip LCD review


Lamptron HM070 Flip review
Is it a screen that will flip your view on the aspect of real-time monitoring?

This time, we’re checking out their LCD screen for monitoring PC h/w data, the HM70 FLIP. This manufacturer’s subsequent attempt at the hardware monitors niche. We already covered the HM101, one of the first ones of its type, and earned an “Approved” award. Overall this German company was known mainly for their fan controllers –  something that’s seldom used anymore because most motherboards have fan headers now. There are hardly any cases with 5.25” drive bays. That’s probably the reason for changing the focus of their new products, with different sizes and screen ratios, with or without touch control or the way of “opening” the display.



Why we’re mentioning the last feature? That’s because some time ago, Lamptron introduced the HM070 Lift, which went a step further, providing a motorized housing that raises the screen with the press of a button. The HM070 Flip it’s a bit different because, as the name suggests – the LCD goes out with some rotation. The size of both products are similar (about 180 x 130 x 30 mm), and the display has precisely the exact resolution. For a 7”, it’s not too dense, as it’s 1024x600 pixels (with a 60 Hz refresh rate). The type of matrix is not given, but looking at an 80 degrees visible angle – probably it’s “only” a TN (that’s a pity, the HM101 had an IPS display with 178º). The idea of this thing flipping down and giving you CPU temps or GPU usage is an excellent little bit of kit for the guy with a custom water-cooling loop and the latest hardware. The Lamptron LCD monitor also includes a remote control, is powered by a 5V micro-USB connector, and uses HDMI for the video. The Lamptron LCD monitor has full AIDA64 integration.


The display works with Aida64’s real-time monitoring of crucial system parameters (they’re an official partner). Some pre-made templates are available for the monitoring view, but you can customize them to your needs. I highly recommend going about it this way rather than starting from scratch.



You can mount the HM70 FLIP on your desktop, but it’s also possible (at least theoretically) to put it inside your PC chassis – most modern designs have tempered glass panels allowing you to see what’s inside. Of course, you might argue that there are some custom solutions, e.g., based on Raspberry Pi, which can offer similar features for a lower price. Yes, you’re right, but in most cases, installing these things is not as straightforward as it is with this line of Lamptron products (I mean the HM series). The price is 320 USD, so it looks rather expensive. Let’s take a look at the marketing info now, shall we?

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