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ListeningThere is only one way to review speakers properly and that's listening to them of course. Now before I start rambling, I of course must state that in any speaker review: sound is very, no extremely, subjective. What I believe to be a wonderful sound, in your ears can be horrid. Therefore if you plan on buying speakers ask to actually listen to them first!

My personal flavor in sound is a deep clear bass, average mid and high range of treble. Now I have listened to these speakers a lot the past couple of weeks and found them quite good. The bass from the subwoofer is deep yet somewhat flat, it lacks being a little dynamic.

We played several games using these speakers and for what it's worth, it sounds just great. Perhaps all I can say is that if you are a hardcore gamer and play games where environmental sounds are pretty important you might want to look for a 5.1 or higher speaker set because no-matter what you do with a 2.1 set you will not hear the enemy sneak up on you from behind.

Listening to music is another ball game, this set is absolutely brilliant with acoustic music sessions. Insert that MTV Unplugged CD and you'll have an awesome experience. When you decide to go with hardcore house music then this is definitely not the speaker set to get, the bass lacks the volume to push out the hard pounding drums and will run into problems when you turn up the volume.

Watching movies is of course done in Stereo, but it's really good and sounds nice. If you do not care about Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS ES etc...yeah, then this set is very sufficient on your desktop.

Overall it's nice, rough and can pound to a certain extent. In my opinion the subwoofer on the older 3300 series was better. The treble from the aluminum speakers is extremely good, crystal sharp and high treble is what you hear. You can pitch the treble so darn high that it will become actually uncomfortable for your ears, a very high range that I think is a result of the choice in aluminum micro drivers. What definitely improved was the 'mid' range of sound (voices). It's still not perfect, but for this kind of money it's really good. Throw in an Audigy 2 and filter in/out your personal preferences by equalizing the sound. Overall, the newer I-Trigue really impressed me but, and this again can be personal, I liked the 3300 series better and most of that comes from the new subwoofer that in my eyes was not an improvement over the old model. Don't get me wrong though, it's still very sufficient.

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