I-Trigue L3450 2.1 Speakers review

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Page 4 - Photos #2

Copyright 2004 - Guru3D.comI believe that's what Creative Labs called the Lateral Firing Transducers. The thing is it's just won't go to Warp 9 (j/k!)

Copyright 2004 - Guru3D.com
The 30 Watts RMS subwoofer

Copyright 2004 - Guru3D.com
The artisic shot ;)

Copyright 2004 - Guru3D.com
When we flip the subwoofer around, we can see its connectivity. It's all analog. All connectors for left/right/subwoofer. In the middle the big round hole is where you connect the control pod and all the way down we can see four sockets to connect the satellites to.

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