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Copyright Guru3D.comName: GeForce Series 6Description: GeForce 6800 Ultra preview
Price: ~499 EUR

** This article has been updated on the 29th or April with a product photoshoot and benchmarks done in our test-lab.
** Another update on 4th of July - Page 12 - new photo's of the 6800 Ultra stripped down.

Crazy, silly, weird, totally insane...these are some words that come to mind when I look around in my office. So here's the deal, I'm moving. When I look to the left of me...there are boxes. When I look to the right...more stacked boxes. April the 14th my friends is 2 days before I'm moving into my new house, finally enough space to build some really nice offices and a test lab for this E-Zine. When I look behind me I see no less than 5 test PC's that are disconnected and ready to move. Yet in front of me is of course the PC I'm working on and next to a completely hooked up graphic's card dedicated rig that I left untouched. See; when I saw NVIDIA's latest gem on the CeBIT I said to myself, move or not, that article is going to launch and the card properly tested. So with paint on my hands and people looking at me with that "What the hell is wrong with that crazy fellah"  I started writing this article. You've heard the rumors, you've seen a few (yes they where faked from another site) benchmarks and hey you want to know. I have to tell you this though, each time a new rumor was leaked onto the web it sometimes validated the info that I had at that time and moment. And if you are as much a graphics card freak as I am, well your heart just skips a beat because what NVIDIA is releasing today is the one you've been waiting on ... the power, the performance, the features...yes has the beast of gaming pleasure has been unleashed ?!

Hello everyone and welcome to the article you've been waiting on for a long time now. It's that time of the year again, manufacturers show pictures and information on their new-born kids, this article has NV40 written all over it... but is it what you expected it to be ? Let's find out.

For those of you who do not know what NV40 means: NVxx is the codename under which NVIDIA is manufacturing a graphics chip. NV of course means NVIDIA and 40 is parallel toward generation 4; in fact NV01 was the first NVIDIA card that was ever built. Usually between each generation one year passes; NV30, NV40 and so on. I actually heard from NVIDIA that they just finished the design stages of NV60...that means they are working 2 years ahead of time. Crazy ? No, not's called having an insight of what the technology is going to be.

There she is; GeForce 6800 Ultra

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