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Creative I-Trigue L3450 2.1 SpeakersManufacturer: Creative Labs

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Copyright 2004 - Guru3D.comIn the past few years we've seen huge developments in technology overall. A steady player in technology has always been Creative Labs with their wide variety of products ranging from mice, to graphics cards, to soundcards, to MP3 players and speakers. We test their products on a regular basis and we'll be doing it again today.

Today we are going to talk about speakers again; this time about their popular I-Trigue series. A year and a half ago they put the first model on the market with great success, today's review is no different. A new I-Trigue series of speakers was released, today's review will be about the I-Trigue L3450.

It's all in the name I guess, I-Trigue comes from intrigued and that's exactly what you'll be when you first look at this speaker set. It's not a huge 7.1 channel speaker set or an extremely powerful, loud speaker set. No, it's a small mid-range, yet a very stylish looking, 2.1 speaker set. It consists of a nice subwoofer and two very nice looking satellite speakers that are stylishly designed with titanium drivers. Each satellite is finished in a decent styled body that houses two (one less than the previous series), high-precision titanium drivers that, according to Creative Labs, should deliver clarity and more accurate audio delivery than aluminum drivers.

The glossy white and tasty style of the I-Trigue L3450 satellite speakers incorporate a Lateral Firing Transducer (LFT) and 2 premium Titanium micro drivers, adding acoustic fidelity beyond ordinary desktop speakers. Combine that with the 30 Watt RMS subwoofer and you're in for some really nice desktop music. This, dear Guru's, is the I-Trigue L3450. We are reviewing the white version, but of course there's a black version available as well.

Copyright 2004 - Guru3D.com
I-Trigue L3450 - don't let the image fool you, the front speakers are like 20 cm high.

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