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We’re checking out the Hyte Y70 TOUCH, and it’s the fourth chassis from that American (precisely – California) company covered on Guru3d. The debut was the mini-ITX Revolt 3; then, the Y60 appeared on the market. Then the Y40 (a smaller variant of Y60) appeared. All of them deserved the “Recommended” awards. Now it’s time for a bigger brother of those Y-series cases that were inspired (in concept) by the Lian Li O11D. What’s special about the Hyte Y70 Touch? The “secret” is revealed already in the name of the product. Something unique – is that you can pick a product “from the shelf” with an integrated 4K 10-point multitouch capacitive LCD panel. You could get the LCD panel for the Y60, but it had a worse resolution and lack of touch function. The looks are not new/fresh (besides the LCD panel); it looks like an enlarged Y60. This time, you won’t find any fans in the bundle (in the Y60, you got three; in the Y40 – two pieces). There are four color versions:

  • Black/Black
  • White/Black (the one reviewed)
  • Red/Black
  • White/White


It’s a mid-tower chassis with around 70.7 l of volume, so that’s in the upper range of the mid-tower chassis. The exact dimensions are 470 × 320 × 470 (L×W×H) in total. The Y70 TOUCH supports E-ATX (ATX, uATX, and mini-ITX) motherboards. You get a PCI Express 4.0 riser, which is great because it’s not the competition’s standard bundle but was already available in the Y60/Y40. 

According to the specs, there are two 3.5” or four 2.5” drive brackets. On the front, you will find the following ports:

  • USB 3.0 x 2,
  • USB 3.2 Type-C x 1
  • Audio/Mic Jack
  • Power button


The Hyte Y70 TOUCH provides many cooling options, supporting radiators,

·         up to 360 mm (up to 125 mm thick) at the side (in Y60, it was max 280 mm long),
·         360 mm at the top (up to 68 mm wide, while in Y60, it could be 30 mm thick),
·         and 120/140 mm at the back (in Y60, it was only 120 mm).

It’s possible to mount the following fans (nothing is preinstalled)

·         up to three 120 or two 140 mm fans at the side,
·         three 120 mm or two 140 mm at the top,
·         one 120/140 mm at the rear
·         three 120 or two 140 mm fans at the bottom

You also get four + seven (half-height) expansion slots (in Y60 it was three + six).


You can use CPU air coolers with a max height of 180 mm (enough to fit most models; in Y60, it was only 160 mm). The GPUs can measure up to 390 mm long (375 mm in a smaller variant) and 105 mm thick (75 mm in the older variant). The PSU shouldn’t be longer than 235mm long (and that’s a lot). The price is 359.99 USD, significantly more than Y60 (199.99 USD). Will it be worth that price? First - let’s check out the specs and features of this chassis.

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