Hyte Revolt 3 chassis review

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Product showcase – Interior

Product showcase – Interior


Underneath the top panel (which needs to be unscrewed, as opposed to the others that need only to be pulled off), you will find two 80 mm fan placement possibilities that sit right above the GPU bay. It would help cool down the graphics card, but fans of such size can be noisy.


The front of the chassis is a place for the GPU.


The motherboard is below the PSU bay, with its I/O facing downward. It means the HYTE Revolt 3 does not require a PCIe ribbon cable. Instead, you can plug the GPU directly into the board’s expansion slot.



Regarding the overall capabilities of this case, you can use a 140 mm CPU cooler and a graphics card up to 335 mm (or 320 mm when the top is actively cooled). HYTE also mentions 140 mm as the maximum width, which could be important as some graphics cards tend to be quite broad. It’s possible to install water cooling here as well. The Hyte REVOLT 3 supports a 280 mm radiator at the side. The fact it’s not “only” 240 mm is a thing worth mentioning. 

You can install fans in the following setups:

  • three 120 or two 140 mm fans at the front,
  • 120 mm at the rear,
  • two 120 mm or 140 mm at the side,
  • and last but not least – two 80 mm fans at the top (optional)


The cooler-mounting bracket swings open to give easy access to the motherboard area from three sides of the chassis.


There is a small, solid plate next to the bracket for the cooling, which you may remove. It ensures any connected GPU PCIe power cables don’t push against the side panel and pop it off.



The power supply is mounted at the top of the chassis. You can swap the provided unit with another SFX/SFX-L. Ok, let’s head to the further inspection of the interior, then.

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