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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

It’s time for the conclusion. Overall, the Hyte REVOLT 3 is an excellent ITX chassis. The effortless design and straightforward cable management provide everything it needs for a tidy case. The equipped power supply unit with the correct length cables makes the building more accessible. This, in turn, enables beginners to achieve clean cable management, providing good airflow within the housing. You won’t find any tempered glass panels here, as the chassis is aimed at giving enough breathing space, especially for the GPU. On the other side, you’ll get the solid handle, which makes carrying the chassis easy, and the headphone holders, which are a nice touch.




The build quality is excellent. The main drawback is the price, but you get an 80 Plus Gold (ready) PSU with custom cables, making the build look lovely. But we’ll come back to it in the verdict.


It’s possible to fit only (?) the ITX motherboards. There’s enough space for up to 335 mm long GPUs (and 140 mm width), 140 mm tall CPU coolers, and the SFX/SFL-L PSUs (if you won’t use the supplied unit). Storage-wise you’ll have good options in the form of two dedicated mounts for SSDs and one for 3.5”/2.5” drives. The liquid cooling capacity is excellent for that size of the chassis as you can install a 280 mm rad on the side of the case. The I/O panel has a very standard set of two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, and a power button, but you can also find a USB 3.1 Type-C connector there – it’s a lovely feature. 


Looks are always a subjective matter. The design of the new REVOLT 3 is very nice. It’s a modern one, reminds a bit, for example, the NZXT H1 or the Xbox Series X. You don’t get any tempered glass panels, so it’s not aimed at RGB lovers. 


The temperatures are good thanks to the two provided fans. The noise levels are ok too. But if you’ll slow them down, they still should give a decent airflow and bring the temperatures (and noise) to a comfortable area. It shouldn’t be a problem for a system incorporating Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen 5/7 processors, but for energy-hungry models, the airflow allowed by the Revolt 3 could be too restrictive. You may remove the mesh lining to give the chassis an almost open-air feel and improve temperatures along the way.


The Verdict

The Hyte REVOLT 3 is an innovative (at least in some ways), exciting, and attractive ITX chassis (yes, it’s possible without having the tempered glass panels). The measurements are 253 x 178 x 409 mm (L x W x H) with 18.4l capacity - focused on delivering high quality. The air cooler can be as high as 140 mm, but this chassis is aimed at the AIOs, as it’s possible to mount even up to 280 mm radiator (and it’s not typical for an ITX chassis). Revolt 3 manages to squeeze in a whole 3.5” drive along with two 2.5” drives, which makes for a good mix without losing any space for other essential components, like GPUs – as you can fit up to 335 mm long graphics card (with the width of maximum 140 mm). You can find the graphics card compatibility list on the product website. The cover on the end of the drive bay for both the storage device and SFX-L PSU cables results in no issues when attempting to cable manage or install a GPU. You get no fans here, and you can install, for example, two other 80 mm units at the top for aiming the GPU cooler. The installation of the parts went pretty smoothly, and the cable management is excellent, thanks to the custom cables provided for the included PSU (although one of the GPU power-related was barely enough to connect). The finished build looks very attractive. Front I/O includes USB Type-C. The build quality is excellent, but you probably would expect that for the price. Speaking of it – it is 129.99 USD for the chassis without the power supply; with it – you need to pay 199.99 USD (initially, it was 249.99 USD). That’s a relatively reasonable offer. It’s not the smallest ITX chassis, but with such features as a carrying handle or the headphones holders – you get a very attractive and thought-out chassis. In conclusion - we grant the “Recommended” award, and we applaud Hyte for bringing innovation to the (ITX) case market (although the Y60 was also an excellent addition for the ATX).

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