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BIOS features | eVGA ShowVolt Video


BIOS features

Below is an overview of the BIOS. The BIOS is very much catered for overclocking and offers a really wide variety of choices.

Since showing motherboard BIOS screenshots always misses out a lot we are now switching to high-definition video footage showing you around in the BIOS. This way we hope to give you a better insight of BIOS features and functionality.

A plethora of options can be found really. Small side note, if not activated at default click on HD in the YouTube window to see the high-definition footage. Especially with a BIOS and a lot of letters and numbers, that can help out a lot.

We hope you like this new approach to showing you BIOS features.


eVGA ShowVolt feature

As displayed a little already, eVGA introduced a new way for you to monitor voltages on the motherboard's most important voltage lines like  the CPU core, VDIMM,VTT, CPU PLL etc. Well, if you don't have a multi-meter handy ..  one is integrated into the motherboard.

Explained in one line: The Show-Volt feature is basically an integrated volt meter. Have a look:

Check out this little video we made demonstrating this feature. Though we do like the feature very very much perhaps a tip we could give eVGA is to include a simple switch much like the one used for the triple-BIOS. This way we do not need a cable yet simply can select the rails we like to monitor without the need of a manual activity.

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