Cooler Master LAB test bench v1.0 review

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Cooler Master Cooler Master LAB Test Bench PC Chassis v1.0

Cooler Master Cooler Master LAB Test Bench PC Chassis v1.0You know, when it comes to technology reviewers, editors, engineers, R&D, support and related personel there isn't much hardware or software out there that makes our life any easier .. unless you have the wallet the size of a truck of course. Mostly, we have to design everything from ground up including on the software side strict benchmark policies and procedures creating our own time demo's, update them constantly and compare them consistently. On the hardware side of things it's not much different, nothing is really convenient. If we want to test say a motherboard, we place them on some foam at the desktop, at the motherboards packaging or as we did, built our own test bench where we place our hardware on. See, really we do not build in every motherboard into an actual test PC as it just takes too much time and next to that, we want easy access to the components as processors, memory and graphics cards nearly fly on and off the motherboard.

A much missed piece of hardware is what we are reviewing today, a test bench. A chassis where you can easily mount your gear in like optical drive, HDD, Power Supply and then the motherboard plus accompanying components.

Cooler Master designed the Cooler Master LAB Test Bench v1.0. It's what has been missing here at the lab alright, a nice looking, easy to use chassis where we can pop on and off hardware components, it makes  motherboard, cooler and RAM testing really easy. Much like your girlfriend, we all want easy access ;)

So this article is dedicated to all tech editors, tech station aficionado's and LN2 overclockers that need easy access to the motherboard or certain components .. have a peek at the Cooler Master LAB Test Bench PC Chassis v1.0

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Cooler Master Cooler Master LAB Test Bench PC Chassis v1.0

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