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eVGA releases GTX 275 Co-OP PhysX

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As expected and rumoured earlier last week, eVGA now officially announced their GeForce GTX 275 Co-OP PhysX. This card takes a GTX 275 dedicated for graphics and then adds a GTS 250 dedicated for PhysX and combines them on one single card.

Recap: next to being being/having a GTX 275 the card thus has a GTS 250 embedded tied to 128MB of it's own memory.

press-release: the EVGA GTX 275 GPU with CUDA technology delivers astonishing gaming performance with dazzling gaming effects along with incredible GPU computing performance for everything from video transcoding to video and photo editing. Pair that with the raw PhysX power of the GTS 250 PPU and you have a card ready to take on any of the latest games with full power.


  • NVIDIA GTX 275+GTS 250
  • 633+738 MHz GPU
  • 240+128 Processing Cores
  • 400 MHz RAMDAC


  • 1280 MB, 448+192 bit DDR3
  • 2268+2200 MHz (effective)
  • 127.0+52.8 GB/s Memory Bandwidth

NVIDIA PhysX technology adds an element of realism never before seen in gaming. With an EVGA GPU and PPU in your PC, experience dynamic PhysX effects like blazing explosions, reactive debris, realistic water, and lifelike characters.

This card gives you the ability to run SLI + PhysX, or 3-way SLI + PhysX on any motherboard that supports it.

More info here

So as much as I like the idea, effort and innovation .. why not just get a more high-end card and flick on PhysX ? Current math shows that it only takes 10%~20% of your shader capacity anyway with a (GT200 series GPU). It seems as a very complicated design to something that doesn't need to be at all as it already works fine embedded in Single-GPU solutions.

Same with video transcoding .. why do it over that GTS 250 when you have the power of GTX 275 at hand ? It just doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me personally.

Guru3D Rig of the Month - October 2009

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Each month here at we feature one of you guys, your PC, your DIY project. It is quite honestly amazing how much detail and dedication you put into an PC, and every now and then it really shows.

Tom Michiels's PC is the the Rig of The Month October 2009. Meet Tom at the age of 34, Tom has been a Guru3D aficionado for a while already digging through our articles, he shares our passion of building nice PCs.

His PC will be the Rig of the Month October 2009, and he has built his PC with some interesting components. This rig is the showcase of a somewhat more simple design yet you can tell he's an aficionado alright thanks to component usage.

Check out his rig here.

Guru3D Rig of the Month - October 2009

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Tom Michiels's PC is the the Rig of The Month October 2009. Meet Tom at the age of 34, Tom has been a Guru3D aficionado for a while already digging through our articles, he shares our passion of building nice PCs. is PC will be the Rig of the Month October 2009, and he has built his PC with some interesting components. This rig is the showcase of a somewhat more simple design yet you can tell he's an aficionado alright thanks to component usage.

OCZ Agility EX SSD 60GB review

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Today we test the OCZ Agility EX SSD. If 100% reliability is your thing then this is the cheapest SLC based SSD with an Indilinx controller that you can think of.

The OCZ Agility EX offers top notch performance and reliability, we honestly believe in the theory that the SSD could probably outlive you.

Not cheap, but this is the most affordable and fast SLC SSD out there, go check out the review -- good stuff.

Read review


GeForce Fermi GF100 GPU Launches Early December

Generic News 1994 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0 ImageAnd so it begins ... well, the rumor mill that is. According to reports on the web the next-gen DX11 class based GF100 chip (known under the Fermi family name) graphics cards based on the GPU will be available in early December.

It is also said that the company is now taking pre-orders for the GF100 GPU, without any guarantees on the final shipping date for and to it's partners. Designed on the 40nm fab process, the NVIDIA GF100 graphics processing unit is expected to end-up faster than AMD's Radeon HD 5870 flagship card, although we have yet to receive specific numbers, features and information.

The company will target the workstation and HPC markets first, as the Fermi architecture is expected to deliver a number of features and performance enhancements in those segments.

AMD's on it's end is preparing for Fermi with their upcoming Radeon HD 5970 product (X2) currently popping up on the web, there are also questions of how the single-GPU GF100 graphics card will perform against a dual-GPU solution from AMD. AMD's Hemlock graphics cards (5970) might be released within the next 2-3 weeks already.

Considering the source, we should take all of this with a grain of salt, as it's better to wait on the actual debut of the much anticipated card.

PowerColor Liquid Cooled Radeon LCS HD 5870

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PowerColor has announced a new version of their HD 5870 graphics card, featuring the proprietary Liquid Cooling Solution (LCS), consequently enabling better support for overclocking enthusiasts, as well as a choice for a more quiet working environment.

The new card has been featured with a factory-overclocked 40nm GPU that works at 875MHz, compared to the stock frequency of 850MHz. The 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 memory has also been upped to 1250MHz, consequently providing users with a slight boost in performance, when compared to reference models.

Internet is 40 years old today

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Well it's official ..  National Geographic reports the Internet is 40 years old today. Funnily enough, the first message ever to travel between two computers connected via the ARPANET crashed the system :)

Everyone surfing for last-minute Halloween costumes and pictures of black Lolcats today

Google Maps Navigation Beta

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A very interesting feature, Google is penetrating the navigation market as it will be adding GPS functionality into Google Maps Navigation, check it out. A demonstration of Google Maps Navigation (Beta), an internet-connected GPS navigation system that provides turn-by-turn voice guidance as a free feature of Google Maps on Android 2.0 phones.

Borderlands Launch Clip

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This game is looking to be pretty good. If you haven't given Borderlands a try then this launch trailer will show you what you're missing out on. The co-op roleplaying / FPS game hybrid is out for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems.

Forceware 195.39 Windows 7 and Vista available

Download 370 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0 ImageYou can now download NVIDIA GeForce Forceware 195.39 driver for Windows 7 and Vista (32/64-bit).

Existing Support:

  • Supports DirectCompute with Windows 7 and GeForce 8-series and later GPUs.
  • Supports OpenGL 3.2 for GeForce 8-series and later GPUs.
  • Supports NVIDIA 3D Vision Discover, a complete, low cost solution to start your immersive stereoscopic 3D experience. NOTE: If you are using NVIDIA 3D Vision active shutter glasses, you must download the separate 3D Vision driver which includes the driver for the 3D Vision IR emitter.
  • Supports single GPU and NVIDIA SLI technology on DirectX 9, DirectX 10, and OpenGL, including 3-way SLI, Quad SLI, and SLI support on SLI-certified Intel X58-based motherboards.
  • Supports NVIDIA PhysX acceleration on a dedicated GeForce graphics card. Use one card for graphics and dedicate a different card for PhysX processing for game-changing physical effects. This driver installs PhysX System Software version 9.09.0814. Learn more here.
  • Download these FREE PhysX and CUDA applications now!
  • Supports GPU overclocking and temperature monitoring by installing NVIDIA System Tools software.
  • Release Notes (v195.39)
  • Control Panel User's Guide

GeForce 200 series:
GTX 260, GT 220, GTX 295, GTS 250, 210, GTX 280, GTS 240, GTX 285, GTX 275, G210

GeForce 100 series:
GT 130, GT 120, GT 140, G 100

GeForce 9 series:
9800 GT, 9600 GT, 9500 GT, 9400 GT, 9500 GS, 9600 GS, 9800 GTX/GTX+, 9400, 9300 GS, 9300, 9200, 9300 GE, 9600 GSO, 9800 GX2

GeForce 8 series:
8200, 8600 GS, 8600 GT, 8500 GT, 8400 SE, 8400, 8100 / nForce 720a, 8300, 8800 GTX, 8400 GS, 8800 GS, 8800 GTS 512, 8800 GTS, 8600 GTS, 8300 GS, 8800 Ultra, 8800 GT

GeForce 7 series:
7050 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i, 7050 PV / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 7950 GX2, 7600 GS, 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630a, 7650 GS, 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 7550 LE, 7800 GS, 7800 GTX, 7100 / NVIDIA nForce 620i, 7900 GTX, 7300 SE / 7200 GS, 7900 GT/GTO, 7100 GS, 7300 GT, 7900 GS, 7600 GT, 7600 LE, 7500 LE, 7150 / NVIDIA nForce 630i, 7800 SLI, 7350 LE, 7300 GS, 7950 GT, 7300 LE

GeForce 6 series:
6800, 6800 XT, 6800 GT, 6100 nForce 405, 6600 VE, 6600 GT, 6610 XL, 6200 A-LE, 6150SE nForce 430, 6800 GS, 6600, 6100, 6800 LE, 6100 nForce 400, 6200SE TurboCache, 6200 LE, 6250, 6800 Ultra, 6150LE / Quadro NVS 210S, 6150 LE, 6600 LE, 6100 nForce 420, 6150, 6700 XL, 6200 TurboCache, 6800 GS/XT, 6200, 6800 XE, 6500

ION series:


Update: Windows XP drivers have been added as well.

OCZ Agility EX SSD 60GB review

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Today we test the OCZ Agility EX SSD. If 100% reliability is your thing then this is the cheapest SLC based SSD with an Indilinx controller that you can think of. The OCZ Agility EX offers top notch performance and reliability, we honestly believe in the theory that the SSD could probably outlive you.

HWiNFO32 version 3.25 Download

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HWiNFO32_s.jpgHWiNFO32 is a professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. Both tools are targeted to recognize and extract the most possible amount of information about computer's hardware which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufactures, system integrators and technical experts too.

The new version of the HWiNFO32 hardware information and diagnostic tool and it features:

Changes in HWiNFO32

  • Enhanced support of ATI R8xx (Evergreen) family (clock, properties).
  • Added support of Fintek F71808E sensor.
  • Fixed some issues while accessing certain SMBus devices on certain motherboards.
  • Improved reporting of ATI R7xx family clocks.
  • Improved sensor support of Intel DP55 boards.
  • Added reporting of additional Lynnfield/Clarksfield capabilities.
  • Added ATI FirePro M7750.
  • Added reporting of Intel Extreme Tuning (XTU) capable BIOS settings.
  • Enhanced sensor support of ASUS Maximus III Formula / Gene.
  • Added reporting of DMI bus capabilities for CPUs with Internal QPI and External DMI (*field, *dale).
  • Fixed rare problems with Intel CPU detection under specific conditions.
  • Added nVidia GeForce GTS 250M, 260M and GTX 285M.
  • Fixed handling of non-linear CPU core APIC IDs.
  • Improved detection of memory modules on Supermicro X8DTN, H8DI3/H8DII/H8DIL, H8DM8-2/H8DME-2.


Radeon HD 5870 X2 (HD 5970) Benchmarks and Images Surface !

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In one way or another it's always impossible for ATI to keep their upcoming product under cover. This time AlienBabeltech received some photo's and benchmarks of an 'unknown' user with a RadeonHD 5970 -- let's check it out as this card is going to be a monster !

AMD/ATI has been busy recently launching one card after the another. First they launched the high end HD 5870 and HD 5850 accelerators. Few weeks later they launched the more mainstream oriented parts in the form of HD 5770 and HD 5750. Recent reports have given birth to fresh speculation when these device IDs were found in leaked drivers.

MSI announces Big Bang Gaming Series Mainboards

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MSI issued a press release on their new Big Bang Gaming series motherboards.

[Press-release] MSI unveils its first gaming series mainboards in Intel P55 platform featuring awe-inspiring graphics and audio functionality to offer serious gamers immersive gaming experience.

The state-of-the-art gaming line is inspired by the mighty Big Bang. Unique and innovative, the all-new Big Bang series will deliver the shock and awe of unprecedented experiences and expand into its own collection of galaxies.

The first Big Bang branded mainboard, Trinergy is designed with eye-catching features such as NVIDIA SLI technology and QuantumWave

Noctua Introduces NF-P14 140 mm Premium Fan

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Noctua fans are amongst the best in the world you guys.

Expanding its line-up of premium quality quiet fans, Noctua today introduced its first 140mm model. Following in the footsteps of the successful NF-P12, the new NF-P14 FLX employs a nine blade impeller with Vortex-Control Notches in order to achieve superb quietness and outstanding aerodynamic efficiency. Other features include metal reinforcements for ultimate manufacturing precision as well as Noctua's premium grade SSO-Bearing and SCD2 technology.

"As more and more cases and coolers support 140mm fans, we've been receiving an increased amount of customer requests for a premium grade quiet fan in this size", explains Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. "After more than 18 months of development and optimisation, we're proud to respond to this demand with the new NF-P14 FLX. Supporting both 120mm and 140mm mounting, the NF-P14 FLX will not only satisfy those looking for a reference class 140mm fan but also forms an ideal upgrade for 120mm case and CPU fans."

Due to its round frame with the same hole-spacing as common 120mm fans and producing more airflow due to its larger diameter, the NF-P14 FLX is ideal for upgrading 120mm CPU or case fans. At the same time, the NF-P14 FLX also fits common 140mm mounting holes using the supplied adaptors.

Thanks to its psycho-acoustically optimised nine blade impeller with staggered Vortex-Control Notches, the NF-P14 FLX combines superb quietness with exceptional airflow and static pressure. Like the FLX version of the NF-S12B, the NF-P14 FLX includes both a Low-Noise and Ultra-Low-Noise Adapter that provide 1200, 900 and 750rpm speed settings in order to fine tune the fan for superior airflow or maximum quietness.

In order to guarantee the highest possible degree of manufacturing precision, the NF-P14 employs high precision CNC milled brass parts to reinforce the motor hub as well as a bearing shell made entirely from brass. The latest version of Noctua's advanced SCD drive system ensures superb running smoothness by eliminating torque variations and switching noises. Like all Noctua fans, the NF-P14 comes with Noctua's premium grade SSO-Bearing that has become synonymous with supremely quiet operation and an exceptional long-term stability that's backed up by a 6 years manufacturer's warranty.

Price and availability
The NF-P14 FLX will be available in stores by mid-November at a recommended retail price of EUR 21.90 / USD 24.90.

NVIDIA's GeForce 3xxM Series Surface Online

Graphics Cards 1673 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0 ImageNew info on NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 3xxM series of notebook graphics solutions have surfaced on the web.

NVIDIA has included the names of its new GeForce mobile lineup in the selection tool on its GeForce graphics drivers download page. The list of new GeForce notebook processors includes the high-end GTS 360M, the GT335M and GT 330M for the mainstream segment, followed by the low-end GeForce 310M and 305M models.

The little booboo has already been taken down from the website. It appears that the little mistake didn't include the drivers for these five cards, which means we only know the brand names of these future notebook GPUs. There are speculations that the cards will be based on the new Fermi architecture, but that's something we will need to confirm when NVIDIA gets official with them.

There's a very good chance that the company will initially update its notebook GPU portfolio before providing computer enthusiasts with a choice for a new desktop, Fermi-based GeForce GT300-based graphics card.

According to rumors, the much-anticipated launch of the new GPU architecture might still occur before the end of this year. We certainly hope so.

Core i7 920 to be replaced with 930

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Intel is set to replace the Core i7 920 with a new 930 model. The 2.66 GHz model is already facing EOL and gets updated. Built to be compatible with the current LGA 1366-enabled motherboards, the new CPU will be factory clocked at 2.88GHz, a slight boost over the company's current Core i7 920 model.

We are still debating a little wether or not the new CPU will make use of Intel's matured 45nm manufacturing process or the company will employ its next-generation 32nm process technology. The difference between manufacturing processes could result in a cooler-running, high-performance processor that could be paired with Intel's high-end X58 chipset.

Everything else is the same, thus 8MB L3 cache, triple channel memory support and the TDP of 130W. The new Core i7 930 will be priced at a similar 284 USD as well.

AMD Magny-Cours 12-core chip overclocked to 3 GHz

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The XtremeSystems Forums member s7e9h3n got his hands on a sample of AMD's upcoming 12-core Magny-Cours Opteron. This chip is expected to be released in Q1 2010 but s7e9h3n (don't try to type his name fast!) already had the opportunity to do some overclocking, he managed to raise the clockspeed of the chip from 1.7GHz to 3GHz.

The sample has 12 cores, 12 threads, a 1.7GHz clock speed, 6MB of L2 cache (512KB per core), 10MB of L3, and a 1.04V core voltage. s7e9h3n actually seems to be running two of these CPUs in a sample Socket G34 motherboard packed with 8GB of 1,333MHz DDR3 memory.

The system successfully ran wPrime as well as a memory bandwidth test, in which it reached almost 42GB/s. (Socket G34 systems are supposed to have four memory channels, so if my math is right, 42GB/s is pretty much the theoretical maximum with 1,333MHz DDR3).

A-DATA debuts S596 SSD

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A-DATA has introduced the S596, claiming this disk is industry's fastest solid state disk. It ships in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities, and features sequential read speeds of 250MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 180MB/s. Here's the PR.

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., the worldwide leader in DRAM memory and Flash application products, announced today its industry-leading SSD S596, a 2.5

MSI Big Bang Fuzion (Hydra) motherboard Scheduled for Q1 2010

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Okay first off, we need to clear up some things. As you guys know MSI will release a motherboard with the Lucid HYDRA chip. After a chat with MSI I have just learned that this motherboard in fact is scheduled for Q1 2010, and not next month as initially expected and rumored.

I also need to make a correction, we mentioned that the Fuzion motherboard would be an X58 motherboard with the Hydra chip, that is not correct.

MSI Big Bang motherboards:

  • MSI P55 GD80 Fuzion = with the Lucid Hydra chip -- this motherboard has been delayed to Q1 2010.
  • MSI P55 GD80 Trinergy = with the NVIDIA NF200 chip (adds additional PCIe lanes to the motherboard) and thus is likely tri-SLI ready.

We hope that clears up some stuff, and what a bummer that the Hydra based motherboards have been delayed and again .. only P55 motherboards will get either an NF200 or Lucid Hydra ASIC.

Tomorrow we'll have some more info about the Big Bang gaming series motherboards.