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Performance - DDR3 Memory read | write


Memory Read test

Obviously we also had to peek at memory bandwidth performance. Now, obviously Intel Bloomfield based Core i7 processors have an advantage here, triple-channel memory. This explains the tremendous amount of read performance for the Core i7 platform. Lynnfield has only two channels available (dual-channel) but being based on the Nehalem design, they are freakishly fast compared to anything with an FSB.

Though we test at reference 1333 MHz CAS 9:9:9:24 1T the baseline results was a good 200 MB/sec faster than expected. No clue as to why that was. Overclocked we took the memory towards 1730 MHz at Cas 9. Obviously if you pop in extremely high-end memory .. you can go WAY beyond 2133 MHz, even closing on on 3000 MHz overclocked, if you can find capable enough memory that is.

Memory Write test

The same can be said for the memory write tests. Of course Intel dominates here considering we used 1333 JEDEC timed memory on both platforms. Triple channel performance on Nehalem is just frighteningly good really. The overclocked results where really nice at almost 15.000 MB/sec.

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