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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

Well, here's a rodent you don't need to kill like the plague. Corsair this week actually announces a threefold of mice. personally, I have a preference for the new M65, but that always has been a model to my liking. The new IronClaw, however, is a proper mouse, fast it scans precise like a thin razor blade and offers a good notch of programmability through the iCUE software suite. The added RGB system is fun and complements the mouse, but is just that of course.

All mice released this round are wired though, and last year I really like the new wireless gear that Corsair offered, you know the Dark Core RGB SE and MM1000  combo. I do hope the ever-evolving wireless trend has not been eliminated. What I like about the new mice is that all are quite affordable. This still is a mouse that costs roughly 59 bucks. Choosing a gaming mouse is something very personal though. Some need fast action, others snipe and need slow action, aesthetics, lefties, righties, weight, LEDs, macros and yeah the list goes on and on. It's actually quite difficult to find just the right mouse. Take the brilliant SCIMITAR series from Corsair, for example, everybody likes it, but very few would get used to the gazillion thumb buttons.

The IronClaw sits a bit in the middle of it all, as it's a very comfortable mouse for many game genres. Much like any mouse, you'll need to get used to it. Corsair did a nice job here as this thing is massively precise. 18K DPI, well that remains a topic of discussion, some feel it is important, others are fine with a 6000 DPI mouse. We can tell you though that the PMW3391 optical sensor used is very impressive. but right now it feels like each year 2000 DPI is added just to refresh things without adding any difference you could possibly notice (that's a personal observation btw).



 How good is it?

The overall feel of the mouse is good as well as it is comfortable, with nice rubberized grips. I also feel that people with slightly above average large hands will like the mouse really well. As mentioned in the review, it feels light/heavy enough, that is something I noticed a couple of times. The hardware of the mouse is excellent, the design of the mouse is good and comfortable, and you get a mouse with good software options, enough buttons that are programmable, it has cool looks. We did not experience lag or input issues. The buttons have good feedback when pressed and also offer a very good response. I also wanted to make a note on the iCUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software. I have seen it evolve from average to really good, the state of the software as it is now. 



It's the year 2019, and we reached 18.000 DPI optical sensor based mice. Hey, I'm good with 8000 as well. Thing is though, this is a properly built and good mouse at a fair price. I can only describe it subjectively as 'good when gaming' with the tremendous DPI modes. The DPI mode buttons are a bit difficult to reach though. Of course, you have a fully configurable RGB LED mouse as well. The fun part here is that if you purchase a matching keyboard or headset, you can control it all from the iCUE software suite. Which is very handy. The mouse is responsive and seems very accurate, it'll match many game genres and offers most the stuff 'n features that you will need. The guys and girls with a bigger hand will appreciate the rather large size of this rodent, it lodges itself inside the palm of your hands really well. Choosing the right mouse remains a subjective thing, I would argue that you really can't go wrong with the IronClaw. 

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