Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse review

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The mouse is based on an optical sensor and has seven programmable positions. The mouse is overall single-textured with a soft plastic/rubber feel to the top of it. The thumb to palm area is rugged for a bit more grip. The buttons are all at a logical ergonomic position.  The mouse itself has an ergonomic design and feels comfortable in my hands, but I do have large hands so for some it might seem a bit bulky. BTW, if you are a left-handed person, then this is not the mouse for you. On the left side you will stumble into the thumb area, it has a rubberized feel similar to what I can only describe as dimples, not in a negative way, it's a very nice texture feel. 




Other than looking incredibly clean and sleek there is nothing else really worthy of note. The top side is the right side button. Beside that, there are no buttons on the right side itself. On top, the rubber scroll wheel which can be clocked as well (programmable). The smaller two buttons just under the scroll wheel are the selectable DPI switches with several programmable gradations. You can have a DPI selection of 100 to 18,000 DPI, configurable through the software suite of course. The DPI switches, however, feel a bit too much position on the lower side palm area. I like them on top.



We see some glide skirts at the bottom, PTFE feet provide good movement of the mouse. The sensor is positioned smack down in the center of anything horizontal and vertical, which brings a very small learning curve for those who take advantage of high sensitivity and subtle mouse movements rather than your normal linear sweeps.



With measurements of 130(L) x 80(W) x 45 (H) mm the mouse is on the big side of things, you do need to realize that. 

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