Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse review

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Application Software

iCUE - Application and Control Software

Corsair merged CUE and LINK software into iCUE which is getting more impressive each month and overall seems to be working fine, and is frequently updated. Overall, the control panel has a minimalist feel, and I like that. So basically your PSU, Headset, keyboard, RGB Commander, AIO cooler and anything that can be monitored, addressed and programmed, is managed with iCUE. The software displays connected Corsair devices in the top section of the interface, the software has once again been overhauled and is looking quite good (albeit remains somewhat complicated to use). You get to use options like configure both the lighting portions of your keyboard/mouse/headset .etc as well as create powerful actions such as macros, re-mappable key assignments, timer countdowns, dpi adjustments, and more.  

It can be a little intricate to operate and understand. It is an extensive suite where a wide variety of preferences can be set up in several profiles. Configurable DPI levels, button assignments and so on. The first 'page' of the software allows you to select the device you are customizing. You get a ‘Profiles’ tab for all button assignments, ‘Performance’ allows you to change the DPI settings, sniper DPI, pointer motion speed, lift height and angle snapping. We get three lighting zones to any of 16.8 million different RGB colors and you may even add a few lighting effects. iCUE software contains a variety of actions. Additionally, users can configure the size of the text, transparency, and/or color to best fit their needs. Users can also select from a pre-populated list of the most popular media players or add their own so they can control the application while in the midst of gameplay. So this is allowing you to tweak the mouse to your preference, also you may use the program's Dashboard feature to monitor your CPU temperature, fan speed, DPI levels and more.










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