Corsair IronClaw RGB mouse review

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Right, as always we start with packaging so you can recognize the product in the stores. Clear packaging, all primary features are marked on the packaging, hard to miss really. Note, if you do not like the Corsair gaming look, then you can purchase the IronClaw mouse sitting in the MOAB gaming-centric zone with colorful lights and a really proper software suite for 59 USD. In the package, you'll find 1 x Gaming Mouse. Next to that leaflet manual and warranty guide. It's a nice looking mouse alright. A bit oddly shaped, but the feel an fit in your hand makes up for that completely.



I'd say the IronClaw is intended for the people that like a relatively big mouse in their hands, you know it fills the palm of your hand really well. The mouse sits comfortably in my hand, but I am a big guy and this is a very comfortable mouse to use. Looks wise it seems a bit more normal, however, it has been loaded with features and configurability. The mouse weighs in at 105 gram and that is fine for me, there is no adjustable weight system though.



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