Corsair A115 CPU Cooler review

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Final words and conclusion

The Corsair A115 ( CT-9010011-WW ), when reviewed, demonstrated competent performance capabilities, effectively managing an overclocked Core i9 12900K processor operating at 5.3 GHz under heightened voltage conditions. The unit features a single-block heatsink characterized by a high-quality finish and a sophisticated design. Its construction includes an aluminum plate on the upper section, lending a subtle and refined look from various perspectives. Notably absent in this model is RGB lighting, as the AF140 ELITE fans incorporated do not support backlighting. This omission likely contributes to cost containment, as including fans from Corsair's RGB range could significantly increase the product's price point. In terms of operational range, the Corsair A115 offers a wide RPM spectrum, though its noise output is relatively average. Granted we're cooling the 12900K which us an extremely hot processor to cool. The fans are PWM adjustable, ranging from a nearly silent 400 RPM to a louder 1600 RPM. Optimal performance can be achieved by either customizing the fan curve or selecting a suitable pre-set configuration. It is important to note that the AF140 Elite series fans are designed to provide substantial airflow even at lower RPMs. Additionally, the product is backed by a five-year warranty, a notable aspect considering the minimal likelihood of component failure due to the product's design and build quality.



The kit features a user-friendly mounting system that simplifies assembly reducing the setup to basic installation and wiring. The installation procedure involves affixing the backplate and standoff screws, positioning the cooler, and securing it in place. This design is versatile, and likely to integrate seamlessly into various PC configurations. The straightforward installation process can typically be completed in about ten minutes, requiring no specialized expertise.


The tested model of the Corsair A115 was launched at a price of approximately 125 USD. In the European market, the price will be 155 euros to keep that balance similar or maybe potentially higher, influenced by factors such as individual country-specific VAT rates and the prevailing USD to EURO exchange rate fluctuations.



The Corsair A115 is priced at a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $125 USD. This price point may seem somewhat high considering the cooling efficiency and noise performance, which requires manual adjustment for optimization. The design is aesthetically pleasing, maintaining the quality standards associated with Corsair, but the acoustic levels present a bit of a drawback. It has to be stated, that our used 12900K is a CPU that is exhausting close to 250W when tweaked, even intel recommends LCS cooling these. What I am saying is that a CPU with a better TDP will make this cooler work a little less hard,a nd thus can be more silent. However, if you have a Core i9 or the likings, users will likely need to configure the RPM fan profile to stay within the 500~1000 RPM range to balance noise and cooling effectiveness. Luckily the cooler cools really well, so you can play around with that. It's important to note the absence of RGB functionality in this model, a feature that has become increasingly expected in contemporary cooling solutions. In summary, the Corsair A115 is deserving of a “Silver” rating, considering its good performance, formidable looks, high quality, and a substantial five-year warranty. Yet, Corsair may need to address the default acoustic levels, and the cooler's size could be a limitation for some end-users. 


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