Corsair A115 CPU Cooler review

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Corsair A115 heatpipe processor cooler review

Corsair released a rather technologically sophisticated air cooling solution under the A115, meticulously crafted for handling intensive CPU operations. This system is characterized by its integration of a high-conductivity copper cold plate and six robust 6mm heat pipes, strategically designed to enhance heat dissipation. This feature is pivotal in regulating CPU temperature under substantial workloads. Enhancing the cooling efficiency, the A115 boasts two CORSAIR AF140 ELITE PWM fans. These fans are equipped with CORSAIR's innovative AirGuide technology, which incorporates specially designed anti-vortex vanes to channel airflow precisely. Operating at a maximum speed of 1,600 RPM, these fans adeptly strike a balance between maintaining optimal cooling performance and minimizing acoustic output.

The research and development team at CORSAIR undertook a comprehensive approach, encompassing rigorous design phases, exhaustive testing protocols, and detailed refinement of every component to ensure top-tier performance. For insights into how the A115 fares against its counterparts in the market, the Performance Testing section of this document provides detailed comparative analyses. A significant emphasis was placed on user experience in the A115’s design strategy. One of its standout features is the slim, adjustable slide-and-lock fan mounts, which offer remarkable versatility by accommodating a wide array of DRAM configurations. Furthermore, the cooler's broad compatibility is a testament to its adaptability, with the CORSAIR HoldFast 2.0 retention system ensuring support for an extensive range of CPU sockets, including the latest LGA-1700 and AM5, in addition to several older models from Intel and AMD. The inclusion of pre-applied XTM70 thermal paste is a thoughtful addition, promoting superior heat conduction from the outset.


To cement its commitment to quality and reliability, CORSAIR backs the A115 with a comprehensive five-year warranty. This reassurance underscores the cooler’s capability to deliver sustained, high-efficiency cooling performance, making it an ideal solution for advanced, high-end CPU setups. So without further ado, let's have a peek at it and head onwards into the review.

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