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Final Words & Conclusion


Final Words & Conclusion

What I personally like about the SPAWN mouse the most is its simplicity in design. It is a great mouse if you have slightly larger hands, it's a good fit. Next to that there are no bells and whistles in the form of LED lights and 50 million buttons. But granted, the mouse is one of nearly too many gaming mouses out there. After testing it for a couple of days we do have to admit that it ranks itself high and can be positioned in the more high-end segment, even catering to the real hardcore gamers our there.

Man, you know you can reinvent a mouse over and over again, 200, 400, 1600 and these days even 5000 DPI are mostly marketing and niche options. I like the non-BS approach the SPAWN seems to have. It's straightforward, does everything you need during desktop work and gaming, has easy to use DPI switching and most of all it is a mouse that handles really well, if you are a righty that is.

Next to that the software suite is really nice to work with. Great GUI - great user friendliness. You can download the software for the SPAWN right here. The SPAWN has got seven programmable buttons if you want options and you can configure the mouse in-depth all based on your personal preferences. The software allows everything to be configured that you can desire, profiles, macros, and scan speeds.

The one negative that I have is the cable, the new trend is to use a braided cord, and I really like that. This rubber cable is a little stiff to work with. But really it's the only real quirk I found with this product.guru3d-recommended_150px.jpg

Overall we feel the SPAWN is a very good gaming mouse. It feels good, has nice options, and great tracking speed. As such it's recommended. The price then, currently you need to chunk out 50 EUR/USD, and quite honestly we feel that any mouse at the 50 EUR threshold is simply overpriced. So it's an OK price, but nothing more than that.

And if you focus on the sheer ergonomics, good looks and versatility, then we would definitely like to recommend the Cooler Master SPAWN. It's a lovely mouse to work and game with and as such receives our recommended award.

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