Cooler Master SPAWN mouse review

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Right, we always start with packaging. Looking good there, nice sturdy packaging with sleek dark/red design.


So here we have the mouse, as you can see a very eye-catching and slick design. Unfortunately no braided cabling, rubber -- nice and lengthy at roughly a meter and a half though.


The mouse is overall single-textured with smooth plastic and to the left and right a soft rubberized insert to keep it nice and firm in your hand. Not at all uncomfortable, and it won't get slippery when wet or sweaty. Cabling as stated is really nice and lengthy; something like 1.5 meters / 5 ft. Pretty nice.

Speaking about application software, CM does not include a CD with that software and requires you to visit their website to download it. I'm not sure how I feel about that, surely it's not a big issue, but in this price range I do expect to get everything delivered with the mouse.


The mouse itself comes with programmable buttons, we'll shown you the application software in the next pages. Here we have the top side of the mouse, you'll spot a three step DPI switch which you can alter by pressing the arrow up/down buttons. We also see a scroll wheel which can be pressed as well.

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