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Perceptive Usage


Perceptive Usage

We've said this many times before, testing a mouse is a subjective matter. Each person has different hands, different preferences and a different usage. So I've been using the mouse for a couple of days now just to check out how well I like it in gaming and normal desktop usage. Personally I'm still using the good old Microsoft Trackball Explorer series. So darn precise... why are good trackballs not made anymore anyhow?

Overall we think this is a great mouse though. It's aesthetically pleasing, sits well in the hand, the large size actually seems to fit me really well.

If you feel the need for programmability, you can do so with the mouse application software. Playing games then. The mouse is responsive, very responsive in Battlefield Bad Company 2, you easily navigate through everything in the field. Once you reach your enemy and get into a shootout you'll quickly cycle to a lower DPI level so you can aim a little more accurately. Selection of the DPI works nice and fast.

In the very same game when you need to snipe very precisely, you simply toggle down to the lowest DPI settings (if you prefer) and easily snipe with the mouse, again -- success. The mouse works really well in games where you need to make fast decisions and move around quickly.

The programmability of the mouse is nice as well; say you play Anno 1404 (an RTS) what you consistently do with your left hand is navigate to the close-up overview screen. You can now assign that function to say the lower left thumb button, again, all options -- the sky is the limit as you could also assign a MACRO there.

So the response time and accuracy certainly feel good as well. The optical engine combines very nice precision movement with a properly weighted feel to it, making the mouse easier to move quickly and repeatedly.

Now I'm not a professional gamer, but with all the gadgets and fine tuned features I'd say this mouse makes a great one alright.

Oh and of course for generic desktop usage the mouse is easy to use, navigate and work with. Not a problem. The mouse itself is just on par with everything. Pretty much all buttons are positioned just right.


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