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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

That's already the end for this rather small VGA graphics performance overview. So tiny that it's not our style at all, in fact I consider it to be a too poor article for our standards. I can also report already that Call of Duty Ghosts will NOT make it into our regular benchmark suite for videocards. As stated in the intro, there are too many things odd and off. As such we recommend you to look at the performance benchmarks you've just read with a grain of salt as I have been at the verge and threshold of asking myself the question whether or not to post these results. One test run will result on 50 FPS, the second 46 FPS and another 53 FPS. These means that the results shown today are indicative, not a precise measurement. Another problem was that some levels average out at say 40 FPS, yet there are a handful of scenes (with helicopters or the doggy cam and such) where the framerate will crumble down to say 25 FPS. Now 80% of the game plays with decent framerates, but a handful of levels will just stall any graphics card whatsoever.

So my motto here was, it's better to show you an indication opposed to nothing. As stated in the intro, typically we'd have tested Ultra HD performance as well, but it seems Infinity Ward dropped UHD support for now and will re-integrate it in a future patch. Also typically we'd have added FCAT results, but the game does not have a 32-bit executable which we can hook into with an overlay.

Summing it up

We do hope you like this little test as it will be an indicator of overall performance. Make no mistake, this game in the quality mode as tested makes your GPU(s) sweat when you jump up in resolution, but COD GHOSTS is amongst the better looking games anno 2013, especially with the previous releases in mind. All modern graphics cards will run the game at Full HD quite well. For mid-range the 7870 / R9-270X series from AMD and the GTX 760 and upwards from NVIDIA will offer truly nice value for money. There is just no need to drop down in images quality modes too massively and heck, that's where we as PC gamers needs to be. We do not like to forfeit in quality. If you need a little more icing on top of the cake then up-to Full HD the GeForce GTX 770 is great with on the competitions side the R9 280X editions being very price competitive as well -- single GPU wise.

From there upwards with WQHD at 2560x1440 you pay the price for premium products and the value for money ratio slowly is killed off. Here a R9 290/290X is fantastic as well as the GTX 780.

Unfortunately Ultra HD has been pulled from the title for now, so please see this as an article in progress. We'll also update with FCAT once we can as well as Ultra HD and Multi GPU

  • GeForce cards use the latest 331.70 Beta driver.
  • AMD Radeon graphics cards we used the latest 13.11 Beta build 9 driver.
These drivers are not your released though as both are still NDA drivers, yet have been recommended by AMD and NVIDIA for usage for this article. We expect a driver update real soon.

As always, we hope you enjoyed this selection of measurements. Let me just state that the story line of the single player campaign rocks, the intro in space is just fantastic. So please do understand that the overall graphics, the game itself and its gameplay are really nice.

Hilbert out, peace.

If you like to compare a little with your own PC & graphics cards- this is the scene recording (Struck Town level) we use for our benchmarks.

Handy stuff at the end

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