Call of Duty Ghosts VGA graphics performance benchmark review

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Call of Duty Ghosts VGA graphics card performance benchmarks

For todays article will benchmark Call of Duty Ghosts. Join us in this preliminary article where close to 20 graphics cards are being tested with the new Call of Duty Ghosts.  As such we'll take the more popular and modern graphics cards today and have a look at DX11 performance with the newest graphics cards and technologies. The new and popular title is looking great from a graphics point of view.

Why preliminary ?

Before we begin I need to make very clear that  this article will be work in progress. Currently there are lots of issues with the game making benchmarking very tricky and complicated. Now we have received NDA drivers from both AMD and NVIDIA however:

  • Typically we'd have tested Ultra HD performance as well, but it seems Infinity Wards dropped UHD support.
  • Typically we'd have added FCAT results, but the game does not have a 32-bit executable which we can hook into.
Next to that the release of Call of Duty Ghosts is weird, the fact that it is only 64-bit in fact eliminates a lot of customers. A second requirement for the game is that you need to have at least 6 GB of memory. If you have 3 or 4 GB installed, the game will not startup. We actually monitored DDR3 RAM behavior in-game and the game does eat away just of 4 Gigs of memory if you apply heaps of image quality settings.

The game engine itself has been overhauled though and especially with all tricks and bells enabled, it does look pretty darn good if your graphics card can manage it of course. However, no matter how we benchmark the results remain a little unreliable. One test run will result on 50 FPS, the second 46 FPS and another 53 FPS. These means that the results shown today are indicative, not a precise measurement by any standard. And that's something we do not like. It in fact made me hesitate whether or not to post this article whatsoever.

Then another factor is a problem, some levels average out at say 40 FPS, yet there are a handful of scenes (with helicopters and such) where the frame rate will crumble down. Now 80% of the game plays with good playable framerates, but a handful of levels will just stall any graphics card whatsoever. Doggy mode for example is also eating away deeply in your FPS (you'll understand what I'm talking about with what I call 'doggy mode' once you play the game).

As such today we'll show you 20 graphics cards tested on three resolutions. But other then that we can't show that much as we ran into a lot of limitations and inconsistencies.


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