Asustor AS6208T NAS review

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Mobile APP Usage

Mobile APP Usage With Android/IOS

There is a good selection of Asustor mobile apps that allow you access to the NAS for several features. All the apps are available for iOS and Android and provide passcode and HTTPS connections for security issue.

You can select the following:

  • AiMaster: Easy management for your NAS (ADM system management). ASUSTOR is the first to introduce full functionality of NAS management from PC to mobile apps.
  • AiData: Convenient cloud data access (File Explorer) 
  • AiSecure: Always keeping an eye out (Surveillance Center app)
  • AiRemote: Use your mobile device as your remote (ASUSTOR Portal app)
  • AiMusic: Your entire music collection on the go (SoundsGood app)
  • AiFoto: Your favorite memories at your fingertips (Photo Gallery app)
  • AiDownload: Manage your download tasks with mobile devices (Download Center app)
  • AiVideos (New): Streaming video and recording TV program on mobile. (LooksGood app) 


While I will not be going through all the APPs available in detail I will be showing a couple of screenshots taken from the AiVideo application first. You just install these APPs through the Play Store on Android, on the NAS you need to have LooksGood MediaServer application installed as shown in the below screenshot.



On your mobile APP after entering your username and password you can then access your files and show photos, listen to music, watch videos all on your mobile phone or tablet. Below a couple of screenshots. Below you can see AiVideo, in the first screen we detect the NAS, after we logged in we can access the shared maps. To the right you can see an overview of trailers in the map. And once you press them they will playback on your local smartphone and tablet.





It works pretty well. Another example is an Application like AiRemote, you can use you phone as a remote control to manage say XBMC. While its all a little difficult to explain, you get the idea. You can play around with a lot of apps from file sharing, to torrent downloading to video playback, to a remote control and even as security camera suite.




Above two screenshot of AiRemote, VERY handy of you want to use the NAS as media-player and did not purchase the optional remote control. Talking about HTPC functionality, browse to the next page where I will demonstrate that.

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