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Functional usage

Functional usage

The Azoth that we’ve received comes with ROG NX Red switches. An actuation force of  40 cN is required for the pre-travel of 1.8 millimeters. The overall travel distance is four millimeters. Reds (an equivalent of Cherry MX Reds) switches work-friendly at typing but instead aim for gaming sessions. The typing experience is comfortable, given the light, lubed switches. Intriguingly, this is also a gasket-mounted keyboard, so the typing experience is, by design, a little bouncy, which makes things perhaps a tad more responsive and comfortable than more of a rigid keyboard with a metal plate running through it. I'd say they're relatively quiet for the Linears. The lubricated stem provides a smooth click feel. Lubricated transparent polycarbonate housing eliminates bouncing noise caused by springs. It may seem like a marketing ploy, but the difference is noticeable, although "audible" would be more accurate. Red switches are already quieter than blue or brown ones because of their characteristics, but they are much more pleasant to the ear here. They are not entirely inaudible because it is probably impossible, but the difference is significant.



Precision is one reason people buy mechanical keyboards; there’s no shortage here. We have tested the Azoth over many hours of typing and gaming. In games like Starcraft 2, PUBG, Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: WW2, or DiRT: Rally, the keyboard responded quickly and exceptionally accurately to my actions. The gameplay itself is just as great. It is one of the best gaming keyboards I've used. It does not move around the desk, the keys do not have any delays, and despite its small size, there are no problems with hitting the right buttons.



The keyboard passed the N-Key rollover test without any hiccups. I didn’t get any missed keystrokes when typing, either. The anti-ghosting technology serves its purpose greatly. Asus ROG also did a great job with the stabilizers by lubing them. The polling rate is 1000 Hz, and it’s enough (well, I don’t perform competitive gaming on a professional level, so maybe there would be some difference). Overall, the ergonomics are excellent for the 75 format keyboard (thanks to the maintained arrow keys and Enter and Backspace). As for the lighting, it’s really vivid and visible and not annoying in the dark (you can disable it or bring it down a notch). Battery life is gigantic - on a regular BT connection, without a backlight, the keyboard is supposed to work for over 2,000 hours (2076 h). With just the OLED display on and no RGB lighting, Asus also reckons you’ll get 130 hours, providing you with weeks’ worth of runtime before needing to charge it up.

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