Asus ROG Azoth keyboard review

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Great review, I've had my Azoth keyboard for a month and it's absolutely fantastic (and very expensive). I had to turn my gaming table lengthways when I bought an Asus PG35VQ monitor in 2020 and this meant I didn't have enough width for my full size mechanical keyboard & mouse mat. I swopped to a Corsair RGB Mini 65% mechanical keyboard and while this was a very reasonable price 1) I had to set up too many shortcuts and learn too many Fn functions 2) the keyboard moved too much while gaming and was generally quite flimsy. The Azoth exudes quality and is very well made, the OLED screen can display many things, I have set mine up to display both CPU & GPU temps but you choose many other options. Even during exciting gaming moments, the Azoth remains planted on my gaming desk. If you're willing to pay this much for a 75% mechanical keyboard, I can highly recommend the Azoth.
Hmm, I don't think any keyboard is gonna be worth $249, there's many good mechanical keyboards on the market that cost just a fraction of that price. In my mind with a keyboard you want to be paying for the quality of the construction and mechanical switches, anything else is wasted. 75% format is also not really a worth keyboard, you gotta have a numpad, and it only takes up a fraction more space - no point in compromising on keyboards nor indeed paying over the odds for unimportant features. That's my view.
Hmm, I think it's great that we all like different things and for different reasons. I have no need for a numpad but clearly you do. I love all the extra features on the Asus Azoth keyboard but for you, they are wasted. I enjoyed using my Razer Blackwidow Pro V3 full size mechanical keyboard but now I sit at the narrow end of my gaming table, I no longer have enough width to use it. The other reviews of the Azoth are highly complimentary and I agree with their views but we are all free to make our own choices and to decide what we value in a bit of tech. I no longer have any need for a car and that saves me a 'fortune' so I can afford to 'indulge' myself with an expensive gaming PC, an Asus PG35VQ monitor and gaming accessories like the Azoth. My money, my choices, your money, your different choices, eh?