Asus ROG Azoth keyboard review

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Asus ROG NX switches

Asus ROG NX switches

ASUS ROG NX Red, Brown, and Blue switches come pre-lubed, offer smooth tactility at pleasant, muted sound levels, and are rated 100M actuation. The special-tuned polycarbonate upper housing provides extraordinary transparency, offering consistent and brighter RGB lighting. ROG switches are meticulously designed from the ground up, from actuation force to click ratio, so every keystroke feels unmistakably ROG. They come with a 3-pin plate-mount design. ROG NX mechanical switches exceed industry standards, offering a five gf force tolerance and +/ 0.4 mm total travel distance to provide consistent keystrokes for unparalleled gaming experiences. Gaming control comes from muscle memory, and your equipment plays a big part. The ROG NX Red and NX Brown mechanical switches are tuned to actuate and reset simultaneously. In contrast, the ROG NX Blue mechanical switches are adjusted to a near zero 0.1 mm actuation versus the reset point. All ROG switches give you superb trigger and reset consistency, resulting in better gameplay experiences.

Switch type

Actuation Point

Initial Force

Total Force

Click Ratio


1.8 mm





2 mm



Tactile 55

2.3 mm





Hot-Swappable Azoth comes with Mechanical Switches, allowing you to mix and match switches to suit your style and gaming needs. The modular approach makes replacing the switches without soldering. Mechanical switches give you a more perceptible feel than the rubber membrane used in cheaper keyboards. The performance is good, and the reliability is outstanding, so what more can you ask for? Aaah, yes – full key rollover (but can you push more than ten buttons simultaneously?) and anti-ghosting. As a result, mechanical keyboards are rapidly gaining an increasing share of the gaming peripherals market.



Red (used here) is possibly the best choice for first-time buyers or experienced users. Why’s that? The crucial features here are 40 g of actuation force and tactile response. These work best for gaming. The keycaps are made of PBT, which is more reliable/resistant than the ABS, and the per-key RGB backlighting makes it look good.

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