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Final words and conclusion

Final words and conclusion

I really enjoyed using the new Asus ROG Azoth. I’m not a massive fan of the 75% format, mainly because I’m an accountant and use the Numpad. Azoth is an attractive solution for general use; it doesn’t matter if it’s gaming or writing (that depends on the switches selection). It’s a keyboard that has been well thought out and refined. In every aspect, she's either brilliant or at least good, maybe except for the software (which could be lighter/more stable). It’s good that the USB Type-C is used for making a wired connection and charging the battery. The Asus ROG Azoth uses (hot-swappable) Asus ROG switches; here, it’s an NX Red (equivalent to the MX Cherry Red). It’s a safe choice for mech-keyboard newbies, but the more advanced users will appreciate it. Its hot-swappable keyboard makes the Azoth an excellent buy for gamers and enthusiasts. It means you can chuck in any switches you like, whether tactile, linear, or clicky, and also conform to the MX standard of 3 or 5-pin mounting. The dampening foam is used here, so it makes the keyboard quieter. The reviewed keyboard comes with PBT keycaps, which are more reliable than the ABS. The RGB lighting is here; you can set it via Asus ROG Armoury Crate software. The keyboard has dynamic per-key RGB backlighting. Overall the software is relatively friendly to use, and it’s good that it’s constantly improved (still – it’s not the best out there). The quality of the keyboard itself is excellent, so no reason to complain here, as the frame is sturdy and made of aluminum. The feet are rubbery, so the Azoth stays in place as it’s supposed to, and you can adjust the height to match your preferences. Battery life is gigantic - on a regular BT connection, the keyboard is supposed to work for over 2,000 hours (2076 h) without a backlight.  




The Azoth uses a 75% format. The LED lighting system does what it should by offering vivid and crisp colors. There’s a possibility of individually adjusting each key lighting to your preference, so even the anti-RGB guys should be satisfied because they can select all-white (like me usually) or use it only on some keys. The 2" OLED screen is something that makes it stand out in the market.


Final words

Although many mechanical keyboards are on the market, Asus ROG has presented something interesting. The first thing is the OLED screen. It’s a great feature, coming really in handy in daily usage. This is not all. Select Red, Brown, and Blue from Asus ROG NX switches. The first ones (that we got) are the equivalent of MX Cherry Red, and these are not the best option for typing, but for gaming, it’s great. They are relatively quiet. The gaskets and foams combined with lubricated stabilizers make pressing the buttons light and smooth. The switches do not generate excessive noise, and the sound they emit is muffled and thus much more pleasant for our hearing. What’s more? 1,000 HZ polling rate, full NKRO, 100% anti-ghosting – all checked. Armoury Crate's software generally does what it’s supposed to (with minor drawbacks) —no major complaints in that department. From the less positive things. Yes, the price. It’s steep, beginning from 249.99 USD. Why not do some nit-picking, then? The Armoury Crate software is ok but not the best. The lighting customization options should be improved too. I also use it for controlling the motherboard, and I had some issues with it, which ended up with a need to re-install the whole suit. Luckily it wasn’t the case here, but it has happened with the Claymore II keyboard. It is not a revolutionary product. It won't make typing or gaming any easier. It won't make you better at Call of Duty or Fortnite. However, it is a model that sets the bar high for its rivals. It doesn't change what a keyboard is, but at the same time, it sets a new high standard. As I can admit, it is a model that delighted me in many ways. The Asus ROG Azoth is well-built and has unique functionality, whether the included lubing kit or the hot-swappable PCB, for ultimate customization. It may be expensive, but the ROG Azoth and its trimmings make for an incredible package. Overall – it deserves a “Top Pick” award, mainly for a great application of a 75% keyboard (which I usually don’t adore, although it’s more acceptable for me than the 60/65% format), as the quality is top-notch, excellent operation, you get all the features that you’d have when creating your custom keyboard, and more – I mean the 2” OLED screen. 



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