ASUS ProArt PA278QV Monitor Review

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The star of today's review is controlled by 6 mechanical buttons, one of which is the power button. You will not have to get used to the classic way of setting up the monitor for a long time, everything is extremely simple. The monitor menu is also not overloaded with unnecessary elements and contains only the necessary settings. The first menu - ProArt Preset, as it is not difficult to guess from the name contains presets or scenarios of colour rendition. In the bottom the possibility to the user to make 2 own presets is prepared.



The following menu allows you to adjust the blue glow level (the same one that makes your eyes tired during prolonged work). The disadvantage of this mode is the color distortion, so the maximum for which this setting will be useful for reading or surfing the Internet.



The ProArt Palette menu contains all the most important settings: 6-axis white balance (RGB + CMY), contrast, black level, color temperature, gamma and much more than a professional calibrator may need.



The Image menu contains settings for dynamic contrast technology (ASCR), Trace Free - matrix overclocking (to be honest, I don't understand the existence of this function in a professional monitor) and a number of additional settings such as Sharpness and VividPixel (improving image sharpness and color saturation).



The Sound menu contains sound settings.


In the Input Select menu, you can traditionally select a video input source.


Last menu on the list  - System Setup, menu where you can select a menu language, enable USB charging or enable adaptive synchronization. In the case of the hero of our review the range of its operation is 48-60Hz.



Also in this section is a very useful submenu - QuickFit. It allows you to activate the screen ruler, grid or image formatting assistant.





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