ASUS ProArt PA278QV Monitor Review

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Uniformity of backlighting - Viewing angles

Uniformity of backlighting

To test the uniformity of the backlighting, I chose working conditions, the brightness of the screen was 120 cd/m². Of course, the test was carried out on a calibrated profile, otherwise the informativity of such measurements is about zero.




Uniformity of illumination on white is not ideal. As you can see, the intensity of the illumination starts to decrease as you move away from the centre. The maximum subsidence is observed in the lower right corner and reaches 12.86%. The deviation of the colour temperature is on average 1.5% and only 3% in the lower right corner. When analyzing the black field, there are no obvious "leaks" of illumination. Of course, the presence or absence of "highlights" may differ from copy to copy, but in this case can only state an excellent result of the test sample.

Viewing angles, glow-effect and pulse width modulation

There were no claims to the viewing angles, which is quite typical for IPS. A shift of a point of the review the picture remains contrast and bright, burnout of colours is minimum.




Pulse width modulation was not noticed at shutter speed 1/8000.

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