ASUS ProArt PA278QV Monitor Review

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Final Words & Verdict

ASUS ProArt PA278QV demonstrated to be a very interesting WQHD(2560x1440) solution despite its budget price tag. In most cases, such semi-professional solutions demonstrate mediocre grey colour accuracy, and smooth gradients make one want the best. When trying to calibrate such solutions lose in static contrast. But none of this is about our test subject. The factory calibration present leaves much to be desired, but again, the price tag determines the value of the product within its price range in relation to functionality. Factory profiles Standard and sRGB exploitable, the average deviation of DeltaE*94 for the above profiles is only 1.84 and 1.31, and the color temperature is close to 6500K. Uniformity of illumination is not ideal, the right bottom corner was darkish, the maximum value of a deviation of brightness was 12,86 % that quite can be inherent to certain samples (lottery nobody cancelled).



Since users working with graphics often have a calibrator - to spend an hour on your monitor once every six months can and should, because at stake are impressive performance. The average deviation of DeltaE*94 after calibration is only 0.29, and the maximum deviation is only 1.02%. The color temperature deviation is 0.13 and the contrast is as advertised (1069 even slightly higher). No pulse width modulation and the low power consumption (14 W for 120 cd/m²) also contribute to the good final product evaluation. Overall for work usage (and as you have noticed this is not a gamer product), a product that can be recommended.

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