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Page 8 - VIA Envy24PT Audio Controller

VIA Envy24PT Audio Controller and Vinyl Six-TRAC codec

A really cool addition to the mainboard is inclusion of a high-quality soundcontroller. It's based on the VIA Envy24PT Audio Controller and Vinyl Six-TRAC codec.
The Albatron PX865PE Pro II motherboard integrates two VIA Audio chips- the VIA Envy24PT PCI Audio controller, and the VIA Vinyl Six-TRAC (Codec), so spec wise they are the first motherboards that feature 7.1 support, and 24/96 digital outputs. For users 7.1 support will enable playback of DVDs with Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES soundtracks, as well as enhance game listening environments.

The audio control panel

The VIA Envy24PT while having a reduced feature spec. is still based on the original Envy core, designed to pass audio with the same bit-for-bit accuracy as solutions based on the Envy24/HT controllers featured in leading soundcards like the Terratec DMX6fire, and the M-Audio Revolution 7.1.

As for the Six-TRAC VIA feels it is perhaps the top performing AC'97 codec on the market with excellent audio fidelity, some neat features like hardware downmixing (branded DualMAX). It also features a (CoolAMP) architecture wherein the audio amplifier is separated from the codec. This offers a couple of advantages; the implementer can choose a high quality amplifier to pair with the codec therefore having greater control over its gain, and the heat from the amplifier during operation will not affect the codecs performance.

Aside from some very small bugs I must admit, it's not Audigy2 quality we are talking about here, but it's good .. very good. No fancy stuff in here though.

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