Albatron PX865PE-PROII

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DSC02878t.jpgProcessor socket. As you can see next (right) to the socket there are some capacitors. They are not really in the way of any traditional cooling method. Yet huge cooling sinks might be blocked by them.

Memory sockets. As you can see, if you want to opt dual channel configuration then insert similar modules into bank 1+3 or 2+4 (or all of them). This mainboard is capable of handling 3 Gigabyte of memory. 

Each mainboard is controlled by a chipset, in this case the Springdale or Intel 865 chipset. On the mainboard we have two chips that control everything I/O related. We call them the north and southbridge. The northbridge is what you see cooled here, it's responsible for the processor, AGP8x, memory and thus very primary funtions. Albatron claims that this mainboard can  handle a 1.2  GHz Front Side Bus Frequency. Although I have no means to blow up my processor and test that (800 MHZ  remember) it does offer some nice flexibility for overclockers. The Northbridge is coolled by this huge yet silen copper cooling solution. Oh yeah, and there are LED's inside the cooler. Pretty -> cool.

To your left 5x PCI slots, the blue slot is of course the AGP slot with retention clip to secure that AGP graphics card if yours. 

The two yellow connectors are of course the RAID connectors. You can opt a RAID 0/1 configuration or just use it to connect 4 additional IDE deviced as 99% of you do. To the left you'll notice the Promise silicon which is in fact the responsible for RAID/IDE control. If you look all the way up you'll notice imprinted on the PCB English, Chinese, Japanese, German. Above it is a jumper. That's Voice Genie ... If you memory was not fitted into the sockets properly you'll hear a voice saying ýour memory might have a problem'. It does the same for CPU, graphics card and other issues. No more annoying beeps at startup. Your mainboard will tell you with a sweet sounding women voice what the problem is. Oh and hey .. I tried .. it really works.

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