Ace Magician AM08 Pro Mini PC review

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The Ace Magician AM08 Pro, a mini tower PC with a height of approximately 19 cm, follows the design cues of its predecessor, the Ace Magician AMR5. Despite being slightly larger, the AM08 Pro maintains its predecessor's compactness.


A discreet lighting feature has been relocated to the top of the case, which is predominantly made of plastic. While an aluminum casing could have provided a better tactile experience, the quality of the plastic used is commendable.


Akin to its predecessor, the right side of the AM08 Pro's case is secured magnetically, facilitating tool-free removal. This design consideration provides easy access to internal components such as working memory and storage.


While the AM08 Pro does not boast the most abundant external connections for a mini PC, it offers an adequate array of ports, considering its design goal as a compact gaming system.

It includes four USB Type-A ports, split between the front and back of the case. Two HDMI ports facilitate dual display setups, and a third display can be connected via the front-facing USB Type-C port, which also supports Thunderbolt, thereby significantly enhancing the system's versatility.


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