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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words & Conclusion

The Ace Magician AM08 Pro, a proper mini PC, features an AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX processor, delivering robust computing performance. Benchmark results reveal that it holds its ground against similar models utilizing the same processor, showcasing marked improvements in both CPU and integrated GPU (iGPU) performance over its immediate predecessors. The system incorporates a Rembrandt System-on-Chip (SoC), which includes a high-performance iGPU, the AMD Radeon 680M. Currently, this iGPU stands unrivaled in its class, with only discrete graphic adapters exceeding its capabilities. As such, the Ace Magician AM08 Pro lays a substantial groundwork for compact gaming PCs. It's important to strongly underline, however, that despite being a powerful mini PC, the AM08 Pro cannot rival the performance of larger, dedicated gaming PCs. The device offers a broad spectrum of connections, encompassing Thunderbolt, and includes three distinct power modes that enhance power efficiency for routine tasks. The Silent mode is adequate for handling numerous tasks efficiently.

Three performance modes

The product features a large circular dial that enables an instantaneous transition to silent and performance mode. Utilizing a straightforward multi-threaded load, the behavioural attributes are examined. When the device is in performance mode, it achieves full capacity at approximately 37 DBa and 78 Degrees Celsius for the processor. Switching to balanced mode, the device transitions to an immediate silent state, with only a 3% performance reduction. Opting for complete quietness, the silent mode achieves this, albeit at a 8% performance decrement.

The balanced (auto) mode presents itself as a sophisticated option for usage.




The Ace Magician AM08 Pro,mini-PC, despite its small form factor, presents an impressive blend of design, functionality, and with eight ZEN3 cores computational power as well as 32GB DDR5 RAm it's properly outfitted. The design is tasteful, complemented by a diverse range of ports, accessible maintenance features, and a high-efficiency processor that operates quietly. During normal usage, the system maintains a quiet operation and reasonable power consumption. One of the substantial benefits of the mini-PC model is its compact size, allowing for easy portability. While some situations may favour a laptop, it is clear that both solutions serve different user requirements or a different kind of user. Optimized for tasks such as office work, internet browsing, and multimedia editing, the AM08 Pro mini-PC offers sufficient processing capacity for these activities. However, its "mini gaming PC" credentials should be questioned. The onboard GPU appears inadequate for smoothly executing contemporary games, providing limited performance for older titles or less graphically-intensive multiplayer games at low(er) quality settings. The provided SSD exhibits proper speeds. The Ace Magician AM08 Pro, makes a strong case for those seeking a compact yet robust computing solution, provided gaming isn't a primary concern. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is necessary to decide if the AM08 Pro superior performance warrants its higher price, compared to more budget-friendly mini-PC options. The cooling system of the Ace Magician AM08 Pro, while maintaining optimum system temperatures, does generate substantial noise, making it comparatively louder than other mini PCs of similar performance, such as the Minisforum's Venus Series. However the circular known offers silence of needed at the cost of merely a little performance. Regarding pricing and availability, the test configuration of the Ace Magician AM08 Pro is currently listed by the manufacturer at $650 in the US. The barebone model, on the other hand, is tagged at $560 in the US. 

You can visit the acemagician product page here.

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