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Download FXAA Post Process Injection Tool revision SVN101 - This great and hady tool made by a group of Guru3D memmbers FXAA Post Process Injection injects different post processing methods to games, like Anti Aliasing, Sharpening, Bloom, Color Tones etc. More after the break.

FXAA Tool User Guide 

Using the shaders is pretty straight forward. You can download it here.

  • Place the FxaaTool folder anywhere you like.
  • Start FXAA_Tool.exe and add the game exe's or bin's root folder on the tools game list. (if mygame.exe is located in C:\mygame, you just browse to C:\mygame and add that path)
  • You can switch between games by selecting them on the list.
  • Requirements:Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile 
  • All junctions, symbolic links and user setting files are added and removed automatically.
  • Note: If a dx9 or dx10/11 dll is found in the games directory, the tool will not add the game to it's list, neither will it create any links/files.
  • If you wish to use the tool with such games, create a backup of those dll's before removing them and adding the game to the list.
  • Important: Always take a backup of FXAA.s3db (your user settings) before updating to a new version of the tool.

Shaders included so far:

  • FXAA - Anti Aliasing
  • Pre Sharpen - Removes FXAA created blur on edges
  • HDR - A HDR effect alike shader
  • Bloom - Makes light texture colors bleed into the scenery
  • Tonemap - Adjusts gamma, exposure, saturation, bleach and defog
  • Technicolor - A three-strip color process, like found on old movies
  • Sepia - Adds Sepia tones to the scenery
  • Anaglyph - For usage with Anaglyph 3D glasses
  • Vignette - Adds a frame around the scenery
  • Post Sharpen - Another way to Removes FXAA created blur on edges
  • Final Limiter - Adds option to limit the color output
  • Splitscreen - Adds splitscreen views, original vs shader
  • Noise - Adds noise as dots and lines
  • Radial - Adds from center drawn radial blurred lines
  • ScanLines - Adds horizental lines

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