Download FXAA Post Process Injection Tool SVN101

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Maybe it's just me but I think the original image looks much better. xD But in any case handy tool for those who want to tweak the look of their games.
Now merge that with Radeon Pro. 😀
since the HG16 version is old and the SVN versions are the new ones that we should get, why bother uploading that old one? and it's the first link so most of the users just got the OLD version?!?!?!?
Now merge that with Radeon Pro. 😀
What would be better is to merge with SweetFX 🙂 Then you not only have the best of both worlds, you can also use it directly with Radeon Pro too (in the preview releases you can add it in and adjust all the settings for it.
Maybe it's just me but I think the original image looks much better. xD ...
Also the first thing that came to my mind, IMO the second image looks as though it's been over sharpened. Personal preference I guess, good to have this utility for older games.
heh some ones using windows 8.
I've tried SweetFX and the only fix I have used(liked), yet (I have not tried too much tweaking just enabled/disabled effects), is the lumasharpen effect... with moderation. This tool seems to have a lot more shaders but I must agree that I like the unmodified image better. (maby there are better examples...) I'm not saying this tool isn't useful, maby good for pimping older games! OR a VERY useful tool if you really know what you are doing/using a lot of time tweaking for perfection. I feel I have to "warn" about the sometimes MASSIVE performance hit! (example with ME3/SweetFX, 4xMSAA 4xSGSSAA, 3x580SLI, VSYNC ON, using LUMASHARPEN, LIFTGAMMAGAIN, TONEMAP and VIBRANCE; SweetFX off 35%-45% GPU util, SweetFX on 43%-53% GPU util. It may not seem that much BUT if you are running a single GPU setup this may kill your 60FPS) What I'm saying is this MAY cost more than it taste, If you don't know exactly what you are doing 😉
Fxaa update! Hi all.. I'm looking for the person that created the FXAA Tool because it needs to be updated. I'm using the (STANDALONE) version of FXAA in Fallout 3 and i'm having problems getting it to work in W10 32/64 bit with the new or any version of the d3d9.dll file? I can't get it to work anymore. It makes the game crash after the F3 main menu. I had been using the FXAA Tool for years with no problems till now!!!