GAMDIAS releases CHIONE M4 LCD display liquid cooler

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GAMDIAS Technology, a leading brand for high-performance PC gaming hardware and peripherals, launched its innovative and customizable CHIONE M4 LCD display liquid cooler. The CHIONE M4 delivers powerful cooling for your CPU through its patented in-line PWM pump, a 32 mm thick radiator, and hydraulic ARGB fans to reach an advanced level of coolness. It also features a 2.1" LCD screen on the water block that displays CPU temperature, fan speed, and pump speed stats in real-time.

CHIONE M4 AIO comes with a 2.1" LCD screen on the water block that displays the CPU temperature, fan speed and pump speed scales to enable users to monitor essential system status in real time. The CHIONE CAST LITE software allows full customization of charts and temperature unit displays (°C/°F). The patented in-line pump is designed with PWM control, stable and powerful liquid circulation which can cool down the CPU temperature efficiently while minimizing the vibrations to ensure a silent and steady operation. The 32 mm thick radiator features much denser radiator fins for improved cooling performance, the increase in dissipation surface allows the radiator to provide excellent performance.
Tailored to achieve superior airflow performance, CHIONE M4-240 and CHIONE M4-360 are built with the 120 mm PWM fans that operate up to 2000 RPM and provide airflow of up to 69.01 CFM. In terms of the 140 mm PWM fans CHIONE M4-420 contains, the fans operate up to 1600 RPM and provide airflow of up to 90 CFM. The fans feature hydraulic bearings which ensure silent operation with a long lifespan and fully addressable low-profile ARGB lighting that provides a modish look. CHIONE CAST LITE software allows you to customize display mode, temperature units, setting up the highest fan and pump speeds, as well as disable the speed scale.

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