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VGA performance: Just Cause 2 (DX10)

VGA performance: Just Cause 2

Using Windows XP? Forget about this title. Just Cause 2 will be using DirectX 10 features instead. And since Windows XP only comes with DirectX 9, this will not fly with the game. Your only remedy, therefore, is to install either Vista or Windows 7. Something about tethering cars to explosive barrels or poles gives us the impression that Just Cause 2 might run like trash on older PCs. But chances are you don't have an older PC, Mr-Shiny-New-PC-reader. Square Enix announced that Just Cause 2 will support NVIDIA's CUDA tech. It will also support 3D.

JC2 is a story all by itself. NVIDIA cards will have extra options in image quality. In fact I expect quite a number of reviews out today with improper benchmark results as for NVIDIA graphics cards, additional features like Bokeh filters and GPU Water Simulation are enabled at default. To retrieve objective numbers compared to the Radeon graphics cards we disabled the specific features.

What an incredible title JC2 is, and through DX 10.1, how extremely nice looking the game is. We have 8xAA and 16xAF enabled in the test.

And a performance chart with some of the newest high-end cards (mid-range has not been tested yet), a couple of the latest available high-end cards compared.

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