Zalman 10X Performa review

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Zalman 10X Performa

A very silent fan is included:

  • Materials: aluminum fins, copper base
  • Fan: 4-Pin 120mm PWM Fan
  • Fan Bearing: Long life bearing
  • Fan RPM: 900-1350RPM (w/RC24P connected) 900-2000RPM (w/o RC24P connected)
  • Fan Noise Level: 17~24dBA ±10% (w/RC24P connected) 17~36dBA ±10% (w/o RC24P connected)

To secure the fan you simply insert wire brackets into the little holes and secure the fan, but we'll show you that later on. Optionally you can use little rubber anti-vibration strips to prevent the fans from making that resonating noise.

Zalman 10X Performa


This is the CNPS 10X Performa. A lovely rigid and sturdy looking Heatpipe based cooler. Located at the front of the heatsink we spot space for a 120mm fan. The cooler, fins, pipes, and a copper base catches the eyes. Dimensions are measuring at 132mm x 100mm x 152mm (W x D x H). You see the aluminum fins in the middle all gulfed ? That is purely for aesthetic reasons, nothing else.

Zalman 10X Performa

The cooler weighs in at 784g (1.728 lbs) and as you can see comes with a total of 5 copper heatpipes each 6mm thick.

Zalman 10X Performa

Here you cam see the heatpipe and copper base a little better. The heatpipe are shaped in a "U" to that each end can lead to the aluminum fins.

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