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So the first thing you need to know is that both the CNPS10X Performa is compatible with any recent processor socket. You will be able to install the cooler on Intel socket 1156, 1366, 775 and AMD AM3, AM2(+). Even the older 940,939 and 754 should be supported. That's right, any processor from the last year or three is a go.

CNPS10X Performa
The CNPS10X Performa is a CPU Cooler with Low Noise yet High Capacity 120mm Fan for low noise maximized cooling performance. The heatsink is optimized for high performance yet with quiet operation. One beefy noise eliminating high capacity 120mm fan is used for cooling performance and minimized noise. Aluminum fins disperse heat away from the CPU via five heatpipes each 6mm thick.


  • Model: CNPS 10X Performa
    CPU Compatibility: Intel LGA 1366/LGA 1156/LGA 775 | AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2/939/940/754
  • Dimensions: 132mm x 100mm x 152mm
  • Weight: 784g (1.728 lbs)
  • Dissipation surface area: 7900cm2 (1224.5 sq in)
  • Heatpipes: 5 x 6mm copper heatpipes
  • Materials: aluminum fins, copper base
  • Fan: 4-Pin 120mm PWM Fan
  • Fan Bearing: Long life bearing
  • Fan RPM: 900-1350RPM (w/RC24P connected) 900-2000RPM (w/o RC24P connected)
  • Fan Noise Level: 17~24dBA ±10% (w/RC24P connected) 17~36dBA ±10% (w/o RC24P connected)

We just checked prices, and the Zalman X10 Performa is quite cheap as it costs 35 EUR only, and that including the  fan and well, everything, even some thermal paste. The US pricing is 45 USD.

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Zalman 10X Performa

So we start off with the packaging as always. So you know what to look for in the store's. The product is packaged well, there's no danger of it getting damaged during transport unless someone played football with the package.

Zalman 10X Performa

Here's a photo of the included kit, we see brackets and mounts for the entire scope of supported processor sockets: Intel socket 1156, 1366, 775 and AMD AM3, AM2(+), 940,939 and 754.

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