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Page 6 - Performance & The Verdict

So Hilby, how's it performing ?

Well, let's have a look shall we. We're not going in-depth here as the processor is new and well... this is the first CPU cooler we used on it. So we'll basically show you the results with the processor in idle and at full load measured over a couple of minutes. The temperature was measured digital with a thermal diode. Ambient room temperature was 21 Degrees C throughout the test.

VapoChill Fan @ LOW - Degrees C Fan @ HIGH - Degrees C
Processor in Idle after 5 minutes 37 35
Processor 100% utilized over 15 minutes with a burn in session 48 44

As you can see the fan is performing quite well. Mind you that we are using a AMD64 FX-57 processor. As you can see we even have some overclocking potential to play around with.

Sound wise when we set the fan controller at the lowest setting the fan is really silent. The high setting however makes a noise that clearly can be heard. I really must get me a DBa meter sometime. But compare that High setting with the noise of a standard graphics card cooler, you can hear it yet it's not irritating.

The Verdict

As always an Asetek kit is simply way up there in terms of performance versus quality. The Asetek VapoChill Micro series quite honestly is a really nice product. It pretty much does what it claims and cools down the processor more then sufficiently. It however is quite a sizable product though yet it'll fit in almost any PC casing. I do however keep asking myself why would I opt this version over traditional air coolers as there really are no massive advantages here. Cooling wise you are at the same performance level. There are however two features that come to mind. The first being sound or better stated, silence. With the fan controller set at low to mid speed this cooling solution really is silent. At high settings it's clearly there though but not at all annoying.

The cooler is capable of removing up to 150 Watt of heat from the CPU and weighs only 350 grams. Next tot hat is is available for a nice price, quite a good deal huh  ?The second best thing for this product has to be it's pricing level. If you buy a high-end air cooling solution you'll pay the same or even more money while the performance level is roughly similar.

guru3d_edit_125_single_gold.jpgInnovation wise bringing this vaporising (heatpipe) technology toward standard mainstream processor cooling however is a gutsy and daring move from Asetek. However it's a 100% success as there is absolutely no reason not to buy this VapoChill cooler. It's new, it's fresh, it's a quality product and quite literall. .. it's cool.

For innovation, design, aggressive pricing level and satisfactory cooling, we are giving the VapoChill Micro an editor's choice.

Vapochill Micro Ultra Low NoiseProcessor cooler based on evaporation technology
Kit supplied by: Asetek

Thanks go out to Asetek for providing this sample and their everlasting support.

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