Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise

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Page 3 - The Photo Shoot #1

In the upcoming pages we'll talk you though the product with the help of photo's. We use a new Albatron K8SLI mainboard and as promised on the first page of this article, we'll cool down a thousand dollars costing AMD 64 FX-57 processor. This cooler better work properly people!

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Here we see the package as you'll receive it. This is the most expensive version, at 43 EUR still quite aggressively priced.

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Despite the cheer size of the thing, it only weight 350 grams. Quite nice but also needed. If your mainboard is placed vertically the further the cooler is away from the processor the more strain (weight pulls down) it'll have on the mainboard.

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As you can see, a standard size 92mm fan. You could replace it if you wanted to. This one works perfectly fine though, not too loud and it creates a lot of airflow.

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This is what the VapoChill Micro looks like once assembled. Take a hint, do not install that plastic cap with and fan befoe you mounted the block to your mainboard.

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