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GeForce 6600 GT Dual BIOS Smart Flash

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Face it there is a 2% crowd among us that constantly is overclocking, tweaking and BIOS modifying their graphics card. Galaxy figured .. well there is a gap in the market let do something about it. I honestly respect companies that go for innovation and closely monitor the user experience. Quite honestly back in march I figured that the product although innovative would never hit retail as the demand would be way too small. I still think that Galaxy will have a tremendously hard time selling this product but despite my sentiment they did release the product and today we are testing it.

MSI NX 7800 GTX review

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Armed with the fastest card top date available MSI is offering a really nice package here. This review will cover all the basics that are 7800 GTX related yet we'll use big portions of our reference 7800 GTX review also as both card really are 100% the same. Yes, 24 pixel pipelines, yes 8 Vertex processors and yes a 430 MHz core frequency and a 1200 MHz memory frequency running on 256 MB of GDDR3 memory. With these specs out of the way, let's startup this article.