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Vapochill Micro Ultra Low NoiseProcessor cooler based on evaporation technology
Kit supplied by: Asetek

Copyright 2005 - Guru3D.comBack in April/March on the CeBIT in Hannover Asetek was showing off their lovely cooling gear close the the Abit stand. Among the gear they where demonstrating a new cooler. At first it did not catch my eye that's until I got home and read the documentation that Anne from Asetek gave me.

Although the new design did catch some attention, the technology behind it is even more interesting. See they call this product the VapoChill Micro, it's slightly based on the technology we know from that refrigerator in your kitchen.

Inside the pipes (that you'll see in the upcoming photo session) that lead to the cooling ribbons actually is a gas, it'll absorb and transport heat more quickly that way. The new VapoChill cooler is a little unique, it's not 100% air cooling. One of the best things about these new coolers is the fact that they are actually affordable, silent and can remove up to 150 Watts of heat, which is enough to even cool down the new AMD 64 FX-57 (so let's do that today huh?). Three products are to be released ranging from roughly 25 to 45 USD, not bad eh ?

VapoChill Micro High-end 28
VapoChill Micro Extreme Performance 34
VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise 43

Both the Extreme performance and Ultra Low Noise version include a fan regulator and the Extreme performance cooler has a more aggressive fan on it they on it's end makes more noise.

  • Dimensions (H×W×D): 139×98×50 mm
  • Weight: 278 g (355g incl. 92mm fan)
  • The VapoChill Micro can be applied in most ATX midi and tower cases.
  • Large evaporation chamber
  • Ultra Low Noise (Fan regulation & Ultra Low Noise Fan)
  • 150W CPU Cooling Capacity
  • R134A Filled evaporation chamber
  • Pre applied thermal compound


  • Ultra Low Noise (Fan regulation & Ultra Low Noise Fan)
  • 150W CPU Cooling Capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Safe Operation
  • High Reliability
  • Low Weight

You know what I am, a sucker for new innovation. So we just had to put this cooler to the test, today we'll be testing the Ultra Low Noise version.

Copyright 2005 -
There she is, the VapoChill Micro Ultra Low Noise version

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