Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir CPU cooler review

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Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir


A meet and greet with the Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir

On the next few pages we'll show you some photos. The images were taken at a high resolution and then cropped and scaled down. The camera used was a Canon 450D 12 MegaPixel.

Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

Right, the typical packaging. A little too flashy for my taste (EU), though in Asia this would look great. Funny how culturally bound packaging is eh? It's clear though, everything you need to know is mentioned on the packaging.

Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

Yeah, you'll have plenty of parts to look at and work with after unpacking. Let's go through the components included.

Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

As explained the Titan's Fenrir heatsink is compatible with LGA 775,1366 and AMD socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM2+/AM3 processors.

Unfortunately you'll need to remove the motherboard from your system to be able to install the cooler. This is needed as you need to install a back plate as shown in the photo above. Furthermore you'll spot brass standoffs and thumbscrews to secure the heatsink. Other than that, some washers, spacers, thermal paste, a manual and retention clips for the fan are included.

Titan Fenrir CPU cooler

On top of the cooler we can see a nice Fenrir logo and the fact that four 8mm heatpipes in a U shape are being used. It's a nice design alright.

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