Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir CPU cooler review

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Meet the Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir

Meet the Titan TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir

Alright, lets get started folks. The TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir heatsink from Titan is aimed somewhere at the budget to mid-range segment. I mentioned this in the introduction already, but the product as shown today will cost you roughly 35 EUR/USD. At that price level the Fenrir is targeted at the consumers who are looking to get the best performance for their money, in other words 'mainstream'.

This cooler lends the design of the standard heatpipe tower cooler but has a trick or two are applied to create something exclusive. Similar to many tower heatpipe base coolers, the TTC-NK85TZ Fenrir has four exposed 8mm diameter direct contact heatpipes at the base. Something that was introduced by OCZ with their Vendetta and now Gladiator line as well.

The cooler itself is a 120mm tower style cooler from Titan, making it Titans first attempt to initiate a stylish cooler to the market. Here are some if it's specifications.

  • Outline Dimension: 156 x 124 x 107mm
  • Fan Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Rated Voltage 12V DC
  • Rated Current: 0.32A
  • Power Consumption: 3.84W
  • Rated Speed: 800~2200 RPM ±10%
  • Airflow: 33.2~78.41CFM
  • Static Pressure: 0.02~ 0.11 InchH2O
  • Noise Level: <17.2 ~ <39dBA
  • Bearing Type: Z-axis Bearing
  • Lifetime: 60,000 HOURS

You'll spot aluminum fins, and quite a few of them. Titan builds the Fenrir with 50 aluminum fins connected to the four "U" shaped, 8mm heat-pipes. These heatpipes draw heat with direct contact to the CPU. It's quite a sizable cooler actually, 156mm from the top of the CPU and weighs in at 790g without the fan. You will need some decent space around the CPU socket to work with.

Fan wise you'll receive a 120mm, black and chromed style fan. This is a PWM controlled fan and Titan states it runs at a quiet 17 dBA. It indeed is very silent up-to 60% fan RPM as we measured.

The Fenrir will mount to Nehalen Core i7 LGA 1366, Core 2 based LGA775 CPUs and is also made to accommodate any AMD, socket 754 and later as well including and the entire family of AMD socket 939 to AM3 processors.

So I just checked, you'll spot the cooler for roughly 37 EUR in the stores as we speak.

Titan Fenrir CPU cooler


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