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Man, I really dig this case. Next to the astonishing design, looks and aesthetics the paint job is just fantastic, not a scratch or any defect could be found yet the reflection forces you to look at the case constantly. The side-window makes the case look like a true case-mod, although that fan grill is looking a little dull. Cooling, the entire case or better yet, all components in your casing are being cooled down really sufficiently. Even better, it's not noisy at all. The fans are not rotating harder than 1300 RPM, fantastic. Then here is the screwless design, okay... it's not 100% screwless but eh, let me not nitpick okay? The retention clip to secure your videocard or whatever you stick in the slots, it works really well. If you don't like that retention clip then simply unscrew one screw so you can remove the retention clip after which you can screw all cards with screws secure the old fashioned way (man what a line). The toolless installation of your HD's, optical drives, etc is very effective and easy to use. You simply slide in the drives and they are secured tightly in the drive bays. It saves time and irritation. Well, you get the general idea don't you?

From every angle this product is looking good: design, cooling, ease of use, functionality, the temperature monitor. No I can rant on for pages if needed but let's just wrap it up. NZXT has made by far the best case to date by releasing the Lexa. I'm confident that Lexa will sell extremely well and it deserves every little bit of credit that I am writing about it, this is 100% well deserved. My congratulation to NZXT, they've outdone themselves again. And the Lexa, well this is the most impressive case we have seen to date and believe me when I say we tested quite a few.

So the only thing that you could possibly dislike about the case is your taste versus this design as design equals personal taste. Other than that it's nearing perfection. It is rare that I'm really overwhelmed by a PC case, the Lexa did this though. Go get one, it really comes highly recommended by


Name: Lexa Mid Tower
Product: Pre-Modified ATX PC case
www.nzxt.comPrice: 139 EUR / 149 USD (USA models come with optional 500 Watt PSU)


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