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ATI Radeon x800 GTProduct type: 256 MB (GDDR3) mid-range graphics card
Manufacturer: HIS
Estimated MSRP: USD 149

ATI Radeon x800 GTO
Product type: 256 MB (GDDR3) mid-range graphics card
Manufacturer: HIS
Website: www.HISdigital.com
Estimated MSRP: USD 179

Literally days before ATI released their all new X1000 series of graphics cards, two refresh products of the X800 family were released. A couple of weeks ago we already showed you a preview based on an engineering sample of the Radeon X800 GT. Today our good friends from HiS sent in the final production sample of the x800 GT, a competitively priced card with the fantastic ICeQ-II cooler.

During all the refresh product madness something else happened. Another product in the X800 range entered the market, namely the x800 GTO. Confused ? Don't worry, you are on Guru3D.com. We have both final products here in the lab and of course we'll show you exactly what the difference is. Since I wanted this review to be published two weeks ago yet time as always was an issue please understand that todays article is not of our usual reviewing standard, it's a tad shorter, yet I'll absolutely cover all the essential stuff for you. For both cards that is.

Right then, the ATI Radeon X800 GT and GTO. ATI definitely borrowed that surname from their green friends that originate from the San Francisco area. But hey, it's how the game works. I mean, I can remember a certain company utilizing the XT suffix in products shortly after ATI presented the Radeon x800 XT. The cross-naming is getting increasingly confusing for the end-users though and that's something the graphics chip manufacturers really should keep in mind. Speaking of the devil, the Radeon x800 XT, that card in 2003 was manufactured under the silicon codename R430 which later on evolved into the R480 which is pretty much the same chip yet on a smaller fabrication manufacturing process. Today's products are in many ways close to that (at the time) 499 USD product. Obviously we again are looking at ATI refresh products. There are now ten products available in the X800 series. Within the series you'll have a choice of 128, 256 and 512 MB memory configurations as well as products with VIVO capabilities and those without.

So what is the difference between the cards tested today ? Well the GTO is a tad faster then the GT, other than that absolutely nothing. It's really good stuff though as both cards, my friends, are reasonably priced and considering the high framerates they can achieve in games they are very attractively priced pieces of gaming gear.

Follow me please, and allow me to guide you though the product series, differences, and a lot more...

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They look like twins eh ?

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