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The Lexa - Mid Tower ATX PC case

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You've all seen, heard and some of you even bought a case designed by NZXT based on our reviews right ? And there's no reason not too as they make seriously intriguing PC cases targeted at the enthusiast PC community. Can you remember some of them ? The Guardian, Nemesis and their last one was Trinity. We reviewed all these cases as NZXT makes some pretty impressive stuff that we just love to take a deeper look at. Today we bring you a review on, once again, a new case ... the Lexa and despite the fact you and I figured out that it must be getting harder and harder to design some original yet functional for the gamer, NZXT once again have outdone themselves, ladies and gents .. the Lexa is what we'll be reviewing today and it's by far one of the best cases ever reviewed here on

HiS Radeon x800 GT & GTO 256MB

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Literally days before the moment that ATI release their all new X1000 series of graphics cards two refresh products of the X800 family where released. A couple of weeks ago we already showed you a preview based on an engineering sample of the Radeon X800 GT. Today our good friends from HiS send in the final production sample of the x800 GT, brilliant and price competitive card with the fantastic ICeQ-II cooler. But ... during all the refresh product madness something else happened .. another product in the X800 range entered the market, namely the x800 GTO. Confused ? Don't worry you are on .. we have both final products here in the lab and of course we'll show you exactly the difference. Since I wanted this review to be published two weeks ago yet time as always was an issue please understand that today's article is not our usual standard of reviews, it's a tad shorter yet I'll absolutely cover all the essential stuff for you, for both cards that is.